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Aria: "How was your anniversary dinner? It looks like you either had a very good time, or like you have been hollowed out and possessed by your own freaky ghost."
Spencer: "It was a night of surprises, I will say that."
Hanna: "My own boyfriend trouble is that Caleb is acting weird."
Aria: "Shut it down. That's a dealbreaker, ladies."
Hanna: "Says the girl who is keeping her boyfriend's child a secret from him."
Aria: "Hanna, I'm the worst. That's not news."
Spencer: "[Lies lies lies lies] so, in summation, I do not have time for morning coffee in the coffee shop where my boyfriend lives, and will hook up with you guys later."

She bounces, clearly laboring under an impressive amount of burdens even for Spencer, and Emily appears.

Aria: "One thing we are definitely not doing is taking that Lair key to the cops. Remind me to tell Spencer that. My vote is, burn it. I have a feeling she'll agree."
Hanna: "Can we see that stuff from the boy you stabbed to death? I bet it's weird!"
Aria: "Unless it's like, gay stuff. That's your prerogative to share with us as you see fit and I don't want you to feel pressured. For example, my boyfriend has written a fair amount of verse about me, which..."
Hanna: "Emily, what's with this Biology notebook that is clearly a clue? It's got these entire passages in there where you and Ali were writing back and forth to each other -- which is noteworthy because you guys didn't have Bio together."
Aria: "That's not Emily's handwriting, though. She was using your notebook for notes with somebody else. Somebody who writes their 'g' letter like..."
Hanna: "My grandma."

So apparently Betty Buckley and Alison had Biology together? (I mean, that has to be CeCe Drake though, right? They were always telling secrets and going on Beach trips.) And one of the things they fought about was whether or not they should tell "the Beach Hottie" about something because Ali thought he would freak out. And also some stuff about Toby? This is a very interesting notebook!


Aria: "Dear Ezra. I may or may not actually tell you something insane later. Love, Aria."
Hanna: "Just go over there, man."

Hanna overhears Paige yelling at somebody on the phone. The somebody who put the brain in Mona's locker! And who was that person? It was Caleb. Well then I agree, he is acting weird.

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