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Over My Dead Body

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Shimmer Like A Girl Should
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Welcome to your framing sequence! Everybody is wearing gorgeous dresses and they look like they got exploded, like the end of Heathers. The upside to that is, they look amazing and where sometimes you get bored in a framing sequence/flashback setup like this, you won't, because you get to look at them. Each of them a prettier little liar than the last. The downside is: Surprise! There is not one.

Garrett, to a Mysterious Cop's Jawline: "They won't talk! Probably you will get promoted."
Mysterious Cop: Is my beloved and awesome Officer Josh that was boffing Ashley before the days of wine and lasagna! Awesome, show!
Wilden: "Hi girls, did you miss me? I have come to put you all in jail. You will find out why at the end of this episode."


Liars: "Well, she didn't answer her phone, and her voicemail is some mess about a family emergency, so let's go to her house. She is the person in America who still gets her newspapers and they are piling up. In the olden days that meant a person was missing."
Spencer: "We absolutely cannot tell a grownup about this. Probably Jason killed her. Or Ian. Or Jenna and Garrett. Or my dad or my boyfriend. My conspiracies are having conspiracy kittens and they need good homes you guys."

Aria: "The last time somebody said 'I know who A is and I will tell you right after my murder,' in that same infuriating way, they got hit by a car."
Hanna: "Oh my God, somebody we know? Is she okay?"
Liars, looking at each other: "Yeah, Hanna. She's basically fine."


Emily: Abruptly stops caring about their dead therapist and runs over to hang out with Maya in Hanna's bedroom.

Hanna, verbatim: "So was it, like, nonstop Just Say No and sunset sing-alongs?"
Maya: "Sometimes the people you meet in gay internment camps are pretty cool."
Hanna: "Really?"
Maya: "Yeah, think about it for like one second."

Hanna: "Did they attach a car battery to your testicles and make you look at pictures of shirtless Ryan Reynolds? Because I heard they do some really bad shit to you. I heard that's why Marcus Bachmann is like this, and that inside him is a scared little boy who still can't figure out what's wrong with being in love with..."
Emily: "-- Hanna, this can wait. I have to stare insanely at my ex-girlfriend until we become one person."
Hanna: "Okay. But I have one important thing to ask before I leave the room, and that is about shoes."
Emily: "Hanna."
Hanna: "Okay, I'm leaving. I just have one more question. And it is about clothes."
Emily: "Hanna!"

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