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Over My Dead Body

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Shimmer Like A Girl Should

Alison: "That bitch thinks this is what you really want. To be completely free of A."

(That made my arm hairs go all Spencer. I'm not sure, but I think she's saying that Anne believes the girls are being herded into suicide. And accidentally helping with that, of course. But Anne's not a bitch and Alison only refers to A that way usually, so... No, I think Alison would hate Anne anyway.)

Emily: "Do you know who A is? You have to tell me."
Alison, almost selling this line: "I don't think that's a good idea. Because two can only keep a secret if one of them is dead."

(Rimshot, but also: One of them is already dead, right? So is Alison saying she's alive? Is this in fact real life? When Hanna was in the hospital, Ali was cryptic about the same shit and appeared and disappeared the same way. I would be overjoyed if Alison were alive. I would be overjoyed to a similar degree if Alison ever talked normal.)

Alison: "You have to decide what you want, Emily. You can stay here, or you can come with me."

Alison, kissing her, finally: "Sweet Emily."


Back from the grave, Emily moans at the gathered Liars about how "she" is still alive and they think she's talking about Anne but she's talking about Ali, but she's still woozy so she's not sure, and when she says that she saw Alison they all get worried that she has brain damage. But it's Emily, she's fine. She's a swimmer. If any of them needed to get gassed, I'm glad it was her.


Emily joins the girls in the interrogation room, in the present day, and they shush her about the whole conspiracy thing because Garrett could be listening, but the Liars do allow her to update them on her medical status, which is: Fine.

Outside, all the parents are there and going apeshit, which is nice to see, and then Jason shows up and there is yet another mysteriously juicy conversation.

Peter Hastings: "What the hell are you doing here?"
Jason DiLaurentis: "I think my sister would want me here."
Hastings: "This isn't just about me, all right? It's about you. I did things to protect you that you don't even know about..."
Jason: "My mother told me about the will, okay? And you didn't need to do that. I didn't kill Ali!"
Peter: "I never thought you did!"

Right, so that explains their little meeting that caused Spencer to go bonkers. (-Er.) But then get this:

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