Pretty Little Liars
Over My Dead Body

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Liars: "I thought Detective Wilden was fired."
Hanna: "I thought he was still in my mom's bedroom somewhere."
Veronica: "He was suspended for his actions, but he's been magically reinstated as the chief officer in this investigation."
Spencer: "The fuck?"
Veronica: "He has significant evidence. Before you ask, I have no idea what it is. You're right, that would have been a good thing to find out."
Emily: "Please drag my parents back here from Texas."
Veronica: "Already done."


Garrett: "I love watching these young people squirm because of our amazing plan."
Jenna: "I can't actually see it, because I am blind."
Garrett: "Bet you wish they knew we were behind all of this, right?"
WHAT? They are not A. They are maybe part of A, and they maybe did this grandiose thing today, but that cannot be all there is to A. Which means they knew about A before now, right?
Jenna: "Are you ready to leave the force?"
Garrett: "I am so ready to stop being a cop, but I have to keep being a cop so I can get into the storage room."
Jenna: "That sentence makes sense to me. I can't walk out of here tonight. Wouldn't be smart."
Garrett: "That sentence makes sense to me. Jason knows he didn't kill Alison, but he doesn't know that we wrote that note he found that said I KNOW WHAT YOU DID, which we also did."
Jenna: "And we're getting away with it!"
Garrett: "I love that we know what we're talking about."


Wilden: "When Alison DiLaurentis was murdered, she was hit so hard it made an indentation in her skull. I've given you guys so many chances to just be honest with me!"
Hanna: "That is a radical reinterpretation of events, to be sure."
Wilden: "Evidence doesn't lie! We've known all along what the murder weapon was. A shovel! And tonight we caught you with it. Digging!"

Um, okay. Sure. This was a really good episode, go for it.

Garrett: "Take this home and burn it."
Jenna: "Is it a piece of paper? It feels like a piece of paper. Is it page five?"
Garrett: "I stole it at some point. It's over, Jenna! There's nothing left to link us to that night!"
Jenna: "She deserved to die like that."
Garrett: "I don't see any way we're not horrible people after this conversation."
Jenna: "I don't see any way we didn't bump into Spencer, Toby, Ian and possibly Melissa (and Lucas?), since all of us were hanging out with Alison the night she died. But then, I don't see a lot of things."

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