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Over My Dead Body

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Poor Dr. Sullivan, looking at least as ashamed and broken as Aria and Ella did earlier in the day, meets A at this diner and A slides her a folder shaped like incriminating photos of some kind. Oh, it wasn't even threat of murder or a payoff, it was just the usual gossipy A bullshit. That makes it even sadder, doesn't it? Poor old It Gets Better Sullivan. Poor Dr. Nosey [sic] Bitch. The Specialest Victim of All. Then A, once again complimented on his or her eyes by the waitress, has some coffee and thinks about ordering some pie.

Hmm. I don't know. It was immensely satisfying! But what happened? I don't know. I never know. You just never know what is going on in Rosewood. I kind of hope we never find out. See you in January!

(Just kidding! First there's a special Halloween episode, October 19 -- which, note, is a Wednesday and not the regular Tuesday (or the previously regular Monday, for that matter) -- that seems to be entirely a period piece about before all the shit went down. From the preview it looks like Alison was A's first victim, which if you think about it makes everything ten times awesomer! Plus, a whole episode of Alison? Yes, please.)

JACOB CLIFTON is a freelance writer and critic based in Austin, Texas. He currently recaps True Blood, Gossip Girl, and Pretty Little Liars for TWoP. Jacob can be found online at, on Twitter, and on Facebook. IRL work appears in BenBella's SmartPop series of anthologies, most recently A Friday Night Lights Companion and Fringe Science.

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