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Over My Dead Body

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Shimmer Like A Girl Should

Maya: "I like your friends, especially Hanna because she is so awesome all the time. I like how you're going to that hell wedding today for her."
Emily: "We're close. Getting constantly murdered and stalked and harassing blind girls will really bond you. Like a family."
Maya: "Right, that. So you know we're not suddenly going to start dating, right?"
Emily: "I was not aware."
Maya: "Yeah, I kind of feel like I would be going back to being your first lesbian relationship, and not your fifteenth in the last week, and I kind of want to meet as equals."
Emily: "So you just want to be friends?"
Maya: "No, I want to date you, but just not immediately. Like, you need to jump through some ill-defined hoops first."
Emily: "Sounds like my kind of challenge."

Emily: "... So are we dating yet?"


Spencer: "What is the deal with that truck I bought you? You better treat it right. It's like our baby. Like if I bought you a baby."
Toby: "My brakeline was cut! Isn't that so weird? I'm so glad nothing terrible is constantly happening to you and your friends that might explain it, or you might have to dump me for my own good."
Spencer: "Yeah..."
Toby: "What do you think our babies would look like?"
Spencer: "Uh, Amy Juergens? What on Earth."

If Toby had a baby with his sister it would look like a Fremen.

Jason appears across the way and takes down the creepster newspapers that covered Alison's old bedroom's windows while he was pulling up the floor and going insane and having secret meetings with Spencer's dad.

Toby: "Hey, did you ever ask your dad why he was having secret meetings with Jason? Did he possibly scream at you and throw more things in the fireplace?"
Spencer: "No, it just abruptly ended."
Toby: "Spencer, you're like a dog with a bone. I can't believe you let it go."
Spencer: "Kinda had to."
Toby: "No, you have options in this life."
Spencer: "I don't even know what we're talking about."


Calls Dr. Sullivan, her dead or dying therapist that made her the strongest person on the entire show, but then her BF shows up so she just wanders off, leaving her phone in a soufflé. The first thing they did to Caleb in California was take him to a barber for the full Kate Moennig.

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