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Previously: Spencer's Dad destroyed a hockey stick that might be important, and part of Ali's autopsy report went missing. Spencer's dangling by a string, Emily is recovering from her bout with overachievement poisoning, Hanna's bid to become a control freak lost out to her ADD, and Aria was... Aria, what are you doing?

What Aria Is Doing: Ezra. Intensely. No mere handholding here, we've rocketed around the bases and -- in our best négligée -- seem intent on reaching home... But wait! What's this? Ezra reaches over to hit the snooze, and suddenly he's Jason! Aria's down... But wait! It was all a dream! Aria was having a wet dream. Specifically one that outlines for her what a million a-ha moments never could. Stay in bed and take care of the situation like a normal person, or play dress-up in all the feathers you can find? I think we know what our girl's going to do.

Speaking of dress-up, Spencer's now got Hanna and Emily playing candy striper with her, since dumb old Emily had to go and recover and they can't use her as a cover story anymore. The ladies wait outside the morgue for Spencer to finish whatever ghoulish errand, and this is what they're talking about:

Emily: "I like zombie movies [does she really?], I don't want to be in one."
(Doctors walking by.)
Hanna: "So I was telling the patient in 212 I am not shaving that..."
Emily: (Is horrified slash loves it.)

Spence finally comes out, pageless. It's almost like a ninja ghost knows their every move.

Emily: "Um, probably somebody stole that one page."
Hanna: "Or, you know, anybody else?"
Spencer: "Jason either had or didn't have my hockey stick. The end. Proof. Done. Boom."

Jenna comes rambling out of the elevator -- which we know for a fact this hall only leads to the laundry and pathology and the morgue and the kitchens, so what the fuck is her blind ass doing down here -- talking about how soon she will regain her eyesight. And we will lose the most guaranteed-awesome image on this whole show. I don't want to think about a day when pretty little Jenna is zooming around Rosewood without those meshuga sunglasses on all the time. I can't acknowledge that possibility.

Liars: (Are also bummed/freaked by this possibility, I guess because they hate Jenna irrationally and delight in her disability as much as we do.)

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