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Picture This

A-Tag: A gloved hand develops a picture... Of when Spence and Emily were in the Shed the first time! Double creepiness on top of the previous creepiness! Creepception!

Next week, with only two left for now, I have no idea what happens because they are elliptical and vague to the point of being Mad Men credits, which is probably a necessity at this point. But I imagine the wedding stuff continues, possibly Melissa comes back, the girls tell Aria so she'll act as twitchy and weird around Jason as possible, and then he will kill everybody.

But what does it mean? That was so scary! Why is he doing that? Why is he surveilling? Why is there more than one guy in this town that is documenting their movements? What did Jason forget that Jenna doesn't want him to remember? What if Jenna blindly killed Alison in an accident and then couldn't tell anybody because "I just wanted to beat her with a hockey stick for blinding me, not kill her with a hockey stick for blinding me" wouldn't fly in Rosewood? Does she think that Jason, being another Rosewood Peeping Tom (of whom by my count there are at least three at this point), may have also seen her molesting Toby? And what is Garrett's deal? Have they been dating for the whole show? If so, why was Jenna always trying to bone her poor brother? What is everybody doing and why?

Hooray! Hooray for a great episode of an awesome show! I need a nap! Goodnight!

JACOB CLIFTON is a freelance writer and critic based in Austin, Texas. He currently recaps True Blood, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, and Desperate Housewives for TWoP. Jacob can be found online at, on Twitter, and on Facebook. IRL work appears in BenBella's SmartPop series of anthologies, most recently A Friday Night Lights Companion.

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