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Samara: "Oh man, you are in such trouble. Is this because I brought that awful girl to that fashion show? Stop hitting on my friends!"
Emily: "Oh, am I not still your girlfriend? Try this step sideways from the truth on for size, when I say that I just wanted to hang out with her as friends. Zoƫ's the only one I liked out of all of them, I seem to be saying."
Samara: "It wasn't even her that told me! You did it after I left, that's sketch. The end."
Emily: "I was trying to be a better girlfriend by secretly connecting with your friends in sneaky ways! Why don't you believe my obvious lie?"
(Love how Emily makes even plausible lies sound absolutely preposterous because she's so new to this.)

Aria: "Jason, what are you doing here? Is this the weekend? What are we all doing right now on this whole show?"
Jason: "I wanted to give you this number for a Youth Center so that they can do the parenting your parents aren't doing."
Aria: "I can't help but think my parents are going to bitch out about this, but okay. You're right that it's moved beyond being worried."
Jason: (Shoulder touch. Wooden. Awkward.)
Aria: "I have a test tomorrow! I have to go! I am not dreaming of doing it with you!"
Jason: "Today is Saturday (aha!), and that teacher teaches a different subject than you just said."
Aria: "I mean Monday! And the class is I'm not having sex dreams with you! I mean Geology!"

Hanna: "Weren't you going to bring home pizza twelve hours ago?"
Caleb: "Smelled a rabbit, went off running. Now I'm sitting on this swing."
Hanna: "I get that you are mad that you spent all that time in foster care while she was raising babies, but you're going to feel weird and unfinished and hanging out in parks until you find out what happened. Don't think of it as a reunion, think of it as recon. Dig?"
Caleb: (The sweetest, saddest smile. Like Toby amounts of sad.)

Spencer: "Emily, stop staring at that picture of Samara and focus on my latest harebrained thing! Besides, either you'll fix it or somebody will die. It'll be fine."
Veronica: (Runs around acting twitchy and weird and lying about even normal stuff.)
Spencer: "Mom, chill please. You're throwing my Spidey Sense all out of wack."
Veronica: "Okay, I have to go and like see Melissa or something. I have to go. Be somewhere. Don't worry about it. I love you! Here is some money! I have to go!"

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