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Aria's at school (though it doesn't seem like she actually went to school that day) and she wants to know when to pick her brother up. He tells her to come back at six, and since she has nearly two hours and can't quite bring herself to pick up the phone and call her friends, she goes to the Hollis Bar and Grill for some food. She orders a hamburger and then looks sadly at a bulletin board that has a poster about Alison's disappearance. A cute guy at the bar asks if she's OK, she says she's just tired from getting back from Europe. Where, pray tell, in the large continent of Europe was she? Iceland. I presumed that she was lying, because that's just so random, but cute boy just says that he spent some time in Iceland, before he went to Amsterdam. He says Reykjavik is a great city. She wants to know if he goes to Hollis, and he says he just graduated. He's going to start teaching soon. They share a mutual admiration of a song on the radio and then he inquires as to what her major is and she says that she is leaning towards English. What a coincidence, that's what he's teaching. She's also a writer, but mostly only for herself. Probably lots of furious journal entries in her blog. He tried to be a writer, but didn't get far. He would like to read her stuff because she's smart and well-traveled (well, she's been one place, at least) and has great taste in music. He wants to know more about her. The feeling is apparently quite mutual. So they are soon in the bathroom of the restaurant making out. As you do.

Hanna, who has clearly taken to the role of spoiled teen, is trying on sunglasses. She wants to see some other sunglasses and gets the clerk to let her walk upstairs through the department store wearing them for a minute because she's so pretty. She heads off upstairs because she sees Spencer, and says in disbelief that she can't believe, with taking classes at Hollis, interning for the mayor, redoing a barn and Tweeting, that Spencer has time to shop. Apparently, while Spencer was busy this summer, all Hanna did was shop. Or, more to the point, shoplift. Spencer takes a serious turn with the convo by asking if Hanna saw the paper. Considering that it isn't on her cell phone, I'm shocked when she answers "yes." Newspapers. Teenagers have heard of them? Could there be hope for that dying industry after all? She can't believe that it has been a year, and Spencer says it is weird that Alison is gone. Spence then cryptically says that while Ali said that their secrets would keep them close, she thinks the opposite has happened. Aw, BFFs never really last at that age, do they?

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