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Out at the barn, Spencer meets up with a prissy-looking girl who I can only imagine is Melissa. She says that she was skeptical when their mother told her that Spencer was converting the barn into a loft, but that she did a great job. And she totally appreciates that Spencer's letting her and her fiancé move into it. Spencer looks gobsmacked, and Melissa explains that they are going to move in while they redo her place in the city. Melissa is a stone-cold bitch. In case that didn't come across. Spencer says that she made a deal with her parents that she could move in during junior year if she got good grades, did an internship, did all this work and gave up her summer. Melissa tells her that she'll have to wait, because she and Wren are a couple and need their own space and can't possibly move into a room in the main house. Wren comes out and introduces himself as the sisters have a stare-down. She says she was hoping that Spencer would be happy for her, but she says, "Well, you know what they say about hope? It breeds eternal misery." Wow, sounds like someone never gets her way. Poor Spencer. She walks off, Wren seems concerned about his new future sister-in-law, and Melissa says that she'll get over it.

Later that night Wren is outside smoking, where Spencer is sitting reading To Kill a Mockingbird by moon and candlelight. She says he should know better, since he's a med student. She wants to know if her sister knows he smokes. He says that her sister doesn't need to know everything. He apologizes for moving into her loft, offers to say something to bitch sister, but Spencer realizes that this will make no difference. She says he's different from the other boyfriends of Melissa's. What is the difference? She admits that she likes him, and she usually hates Melissa's other beaus. Well, you'd have to be kind of a dick to deal with a bitch like Melissa.

In the deserted school hallways, Aria is walking down to Mr. Fitz's (aka Hot for Teacher's) classroom. He says she said she went to college, she says she only admitted to thinking about majoring in English. Semantics. Fitz says he thinks she's amazing and he instantly liked her. She grabs his hand, and he looks panicked. He says that he can't because he's her teacher, and he walks out of the room.

Emily and her new bestie Maya walk home together, Maya says she never had a jock friend, but that makes her the first. Emily looks sad when she sees Alison's old boxes being picked up by the trash truck. She fills Maya in on the fact that Alison has gone missing, and says that while she doesn't like to talk about Alison because it hurts, she still thinks about her all the time. The girls kiss on the cheek, but dangerously close to their lips, and then it is a little awkward.

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