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Did You Get the Message?

Flashback time. Alison is stopping Hanna from eating a fresh-baked cookie and Spencer is just standing there when Melissa walks in with her boyfriend Ian. Ian asks if Spencer needs help with some field hockey stuff. Alison says that Spencer needs to tell her sister... what? Spencer says nothing, so Melissa walks off with Ian in tow. Alison just stares knowingly at Spencer, while Hanna looks confused. The two girls walk outside, Alison says she's going to find out, Spencer says she won't, and Alison promises that if Spencer doesn't tell her, she will. It was only one kiss, but Alison says she's going to do the right thing. Spencer says if Alison tells Melissa about the smooching, then she'll tell everyone about the Jenna thing. Spencer stares out at the barn and sees a blonde figure move across the way and thinks it is Alison. Also, it should be mentioned that Spencer's bedroom in the main house is pretty sweet. I get that she feels like the lesser sister, but damn, this room is huge.

On a porch swing in front of Aria's house, Emily tells Aria that she got a note. Aria says she got one, too. They wonder if they could really be from Alison. They consider it a likely possibility, since the messages include secrets that only she could have known. Aria says she thinks she's playing with them, since that was basically her "favorite sport." Can you put that on college applications? They consider telling someone, but Aria can't say anything because the note is too dark of a secret. Aria says that even though she grew up here, she feels like an outcast, and Emily feels the same way. So they just sit and swing.

Laura Leighton is Hanna's mom (I'm really feeling ancient now), and she saw Holly Marie Mom today and wonders why Hanna didn't tell her that Aria was back. She also says that Holly Marie Mom didn't know that Hanna's father had split town. She hates telling that story. Hanna just says that she changed the story that they are happier without him and it was mutual. She says that people don't need to know that "they" got dumped. Melrose Mom tries to correct her, but since dad split on both of them, it really is a "they." Hanna's phone rings, and Melrose Mom says that if it's Mona she's going to stage an intervention. Hanna doesn't read her message, but Melrose Mom's phone rings and then the doorbell. A very young-looking detective and a policeman are at the door. They're there to pick Hanna up for stealing sunglasses. Guess Hanna never considered that there would be security cameras in the store. Sydney thinks there has been a mistake, but the very young and not-at-all-convincing detective tells him that he's pretty sure. They cuff her and take her down to the police station. She sits and considers binging on M&Ms in a chair while her mom and newbie detective boy converse very intimately. Her phone rings and she's got a message, "Be careful, Hanna. I hear prison food makes you fat. - A"

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