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Melrose Mom grabs Hanna and they walk out. When they get to the car, Melrose Mom starts lecturing her about small towns and gossip and impressions. She doesn't understand why Hanna would steal when she buys her everything she "needs to be popular." She says that's not why she does it. Melrose Mom thinks that she's doing this to get her father's attention, but that in Rosewood there is no room for mistakes. Hanna apologizes, but MM says she'll deny that she did anything wrong and says she's taking care of it.

Emily is walking when sees an ambulance go screaming by towards her house. She runs after it, and it stops at Maya's house. Maya's there and tells Emily that they found her friend. Emily runs inside after her. Maya says she's sorry, but they found her body. The coroner's department wheels the body away on a stretcher. Hanna and Aria and Spencer are all there to see, and there's a large crowd forming. Aria goes to a stunned Spencer and says that she heard Hanna was at the police station; they worry that she spilled about "the Jenna thing," but Hanna walks over and says that they made a promise.

Hanna eats ice cream and watches the news report that informs her that while the new owners were making room for Maya's mom's cello room, the found the body. Of course. A family spokesperson says that the gazebo was under construction when Alison went missing. While Hanna's watching TV, she hears noises from the front door. It is Melrose Mom making out with too-young detective. As they go upstairs, Melrose Mom gives her thieving daughter a glare. So she's prostituting herself to help her kid remain popular. What a great example!

Reporters are in front of a church as people gather for the funeral. Emily and Spencer hug. Mr. Fitz finds Aria hiding in a quiet stairwell and asks if Alison was her friend. She spouts back a "Do you care?" while he says he wasn't sure if he should ask, but was worried about being a jerk. She doesn't want to do anything to get him in trouble, so she kisses him on the cheek and walks away. He grabs her and gives her a really good, full, on-the-lips kiss. She stops him and walks away, he stares after her all sad-like. Aria pays her respects to Alison's mom, who has asked all the girls to sit up front, per Alison's wishes. Did she have her funeral planned? It does seem like Alison's MO.

When Aria sees the casket and the giant picture of Alison, she seems upset, but Hanna grabs her hand and pulls her into the pew. They say Alison would have loved that it was such a big scene. Aria gets a text message, Hanna wants to know if it is someone they know. She quickly puts together that Spencer and Hanna also got messages from A. But they don't have time to discuss it, because in walks Jenna (who appears to be blind). As Jenna sits down, Alison's mom sits down next to Aria and asks why Jenna Marshall is there. She didn't think she was friends with Alison. Spencer says they weren't friends. The four girls walk out of the church together, arm in arm. Cute detective (Det. Wilden) says they're all good friends of Alison's, so he needs to talk to them all again, even though they took their statements last year. That's the difference between a missing persons investigation and a murder. He says he is determined to find out what happened. They all wonder if he knows about... something, their words are cut off by ringing phones. They all get the same text. "I'm still here, bitches. And I know everything. - A"

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