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All Mixed Up
's there, but Jenna starts putting on some bright red lipstick, and Hanna can't help but lean in to get a better look. Jenna wants to know if she likes the color. Really? Is Hanna this stupid? Probably. I don't think I really want to know.

Spencer walks into her house with a host of athletic equipment. Her dad has brought her some buttercreams, which were her favorite when she was little. She thinks he must have spoken to Wren and forgiven her for something she didn't do, but he really just heard from her professor about that stupid Golden Orchid essay contest. He's planning out her Ivy League career already, and jokes that her mother has taken out an ad in the club newsletter. He wants at least to be able to brag about it to a potential new client, so he asks if she can join him for doubles against the new client and his daughter. She seems desperate to spend time with him, so she agrees, but then he has to answer phone calls. But before he goes off he asks to read her essay, and she tries to brush it off, but he says if it is award winning it must be great.

Hanna's at the dental office, and she's following Jenna around. Hanna, she's blind, not oblivious. Once Jenna leaves in the elevator, Hanna walks down the hallway to the room that Jenna left, but a security guard spots her after she opens the door that is filled with boxes and a wrapped up painting.

Toby and Emily are still working on their chemistry project. Not sure what they are trying to make, but it kind of looks like Flubber. He makes her sniff the gross concoction, which makes her spill water on his notebook. She grabs it to dry it off and sees that he's drawn some stuff on the back that looks just like the cover art for a band she likes. He's surprised that she knows the band, and she says that her cousin who works at a bar snuck her in to one of their shows. He gets all excited when they realize they both think the band's new stuff is amazing. He then offers to burn her a CD of a similar band that he thinks she'd like. Then she smiles and hustles off to swim practice, accidentally grabbing his notebook. He asks for it back, and he says she needs more coffee and they make plans to meet up at The Grill later on.

At a bar-ish kind of place, Mr. Fitz (I refuse to call him Ezra on the basis that it makes him sound even older than he is) is on stage reading and Aria is in the audience hanging on his every word. Some guy, who kind of looks like a younger version of Aria's dad, claims to be a friend of Fitz's and starts chatting her up. This guy, Artie, was apparently his college roommate. Mr. Fitz comes over and is excited to see Artie, who found out about it on a website. He claims that the reading was boring, and Aria goes on and on about Fitz's clever use of metaphors. Fitz had to write Artie's papers back in the days of college (which was like a year ago, right?). Artie heads off for beers, and Fitz apologizes to Aria, saying she didn't know he'd be there.

Spencer is at the club practicing her serve when a teenage club employee tells her it is past closing time and he needs to shut down the courts. She begs this guy, who also has a dimpled chin, but looks nothing like Toby, to let her stay for five more minutes so she can practice for the friendly game of tennis that she has with her dad's potential clients. Chin Dimple 2 says that her serve looked more angry than anything, and she says she has some anger issues. He says that the serve is only half the battle, and she has to have a good return as well. Her competitive side kicks in and she gets back to work, as Chin Dimple 2 watches.

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