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It Gets Better, Then It Gets Worse

Which is why her mom is so dreadfully important to me, I guess. Everybody knows that you can't love other people until you love yourself, but nobody ever tells you that the opposite is also true: You can't really love yourself until you love everybody else, because they're just the pieces of yourself that you said no to.

Spencer invites Alex up to her parents' "little place up in Bucks County," but then gets distracted by the menacing queer beauty of Noel for a good long while, and then she tells Alex to wait for her outside so she can jump him, but then it's too late and Aria's having a little meeting with him, of her own, all about how one boyfriend should never blackmail another boyfriend of hers. Noel pulls this amazing/insane move where he's like, "Ezra Fitz accused me of that obvious thing I clearly did? You better think about the kind of person that would say that." (But then also, isn't it true that Alison broke up him and his girlfriend one time, and he knew all the Liars were in on it, and maybe he is killing everybody and sending mean texts.) Aria heads in that direction even though she wasn't the one that had the flashback, and Noel doesn't know what she's talking about, and then Sean pulls him away for some bromance. Aria's shrug is both cute and eloquent.

Emily's like, "Hey, Toby! How was jail?" He's just sitting on the steps of his Boo Radley porch looking, as usual, like the craziest person in the universe. Just chilling out and being super weird with all the lights turned off, while his blind sister knits baby clothes up in the attic. She tries to tell him that she didn't turn him in, et cetera, but he doesn't believe her or care. Well, he does, but he twists the knife for awhile and talks about how he is the Fred Krueger of Rosewood some more, and when she asks if he believes her he's like, "I'm not telling you, because I asked you to trust me and the cops came before you could prove that you did," and it's devastating. Emily takes off, he pulls out a knife and fusses with his house arrest anklet for a bit. Sad Toby.

Aria helps Hanna with her wheelchair and then tries to beg off the party, and Hanna gives her shit about Ezra, all, "Where ya goin', hot faculty party?" They talk about the weirdness a little bit, and Hanna's trying to be cool, and then she says the sweetest, truest thing: That it makes her feel a little bit stupid in comparison. "Parties like this must feel like you're babysitting," she says, and if Aria were the kind of person you could respect she would be honest and say, "There has never been a time I didn't feel that way. That's why I get to date these old guys."

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