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It Gets Better, Then It Gets Worse

Alex has been offered the chance to do a tennis clinic in Sweden that may lead to a spot in the Swedish Open, but has decided not to apply because he is poor or whatever and wants to work all summer and possibly some or all of it also involves Spencer. She tells him one hundred times what a great opportunity it is, and says she'll get an internship, "like in Stockholm or something," but he's not up for it. He tosses the application and she makes some tender-hearted declarative statements about the importance of dreams that sound, to him, like opinions about his class and future and why they can never be together, and she agrees to let it go.

Maya's getting along well with Emily's dad, but when her mom tries to serve the seafood entrée, she begs off. Seems she has an allergy. "It's not a moral thing, I get hives." Mom feels bad and tries to smooth it over, all, "Emily said you could eat anything," not in a defensive way just in a sort of "and here is where we find ourselves" summing-up, and it's awkward.

Are both Maya's parents from California? Was it even a state way back when she was born? Yes, they met in 1) Berkeley, at a 2) no-nukes rally, and after 3) Maya and 4) her brother were born, they got married. Mom's like, "The fuck you say?" Yeah, Maya was the flower girl at their wedding; apparently they wanted to make sure it was real. "Two children wasn't real enough?" Mom says, because California is just the tip of the iceberg of problems she has with this whole anti-marriage agenda. Emily thinks to change the subject, only not really at all: Tell us about the disrespectful, flaky way your dad proposed! "So my dad's this raging, crazy romantic? He proposed to my mom with a sharpie. He didn't have a ring, so he drew one on her finger with a felt pen." My mother was wearing slacks at the time, Mrs. Fields, which you've probably guessed is why I have asthma.

The parents try to be all like, "That's so cute! Because they were poor hippies but later on they got a real ring!" Nope, mom -- insufferably -- got a tattoo when the sharpie [MAYA'S DAD IS A!] wedding ring wore off. Which is when I started siding with Mom, because her whole deal is starting to sound a lot like that family of a-holes in Rachel Getting Married. I love how this entire scene is both a believable dinner with parents, but also a checklist of the most inventive possible ways to break Emily's mom's heart. Just the whole thing, not even the gay part, just the Maya of it all and why she is in my house and all that. Well done.

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