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The Thought You Can't Think
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Previously: It was discovered that Officer Garrett was in possession of a mysterious lantern created by Jenna Thing, which caused Spencer no amount of heartache since she was sitting alone in his car with him when this terrifying (?) fact was discovered.

Liars: "You were just sitting alone in his car with him? What happened then?"
Spencer: "It was truly death-defying, as only cliffhangers on this show can be. I got Aria's text about the lantern..."
Liars: "Yes? YES?"
Spencer: "...And then I told him to take me home. So he took me home."
Liars: "Whew, that was a close one."

Liars: "Why do you think she gave him that lantern? I can't think of a single reason, especially with the ample clues we've been given for the last twenty episodes that they are dating."
Spencer's Autism: "We don't know positively that she gave it to him."
Hanna's Realism: "Yeah, maybe he bought it at the Blind Girl Craft Fair."
Emily: "Samara volunteers for that."

Liars: "Firstly, why would he even know that girl?"
Aria: "Because he lives across the street from her. Remember how we all live across the street from each other? How everybody on this show lives across the street from everybody else on this show, and yet all we ever seem to look at is Spencer's yard and that one window of Alison's house?"

Liar: "Maybe he just brings raw meat to Jenna's cat."
Spencer's Autism: "Toby lives there too, and they don't have a cat."
Hanna's Realism: "Then maybe he was bringing over raw meat for Jenna."

Emily: "Thanks for stopping our roving Mystery Machine Conspiracy Tour outside my old house so I could once again turn off the new owners' alarm."
Hanna: "They're going to need that in working order since Aria's brother is constantly robbing people."
Spencer: "Hanna, be nice."
Hanna: "I'm just saying he's a psycho delinquent. It's not judging and it's hardly hypocritical, considering I'm a sociopathic shoplifter and my boyfriend is a grey-hat hacker and surveillance expert."

Emily, hilariously narrating what they can all plainly see: "Oh my God, it's Garrett's car! Pulling up outside his house! Which is across the street from Toby's house! Oh my God, it's got red racing stripes! Oh my God, he's getting out of the car! Oh my God, he's crossing the street to Toby's house! Oh my God, he's going inside! Oh my God, trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen! Right there in Toby's yard!"

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