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The Thought You Can't Think

Hanna, at large: "Anybody else? Frankly I'm not even sure that was the same guy! I will take all of y'all down! I swear! Whattaya got? Come at me, bro! COME AT ME"


Emily: "You guys were just telling me that medical records were private, and now you're stealing the most intimate medical records of all?"
Spencer: "I'm going to return it later. I have a whole scuba costume picked out. But look at all this information. Be informed by it!"
Emily: "It looks like Jason killed his sister and then buried her and then forgot."
Spencer: "I know! Thank you! And Aria's being so fake about it, too."


Ezra: "Is there anything I can do? For you? For Emily? On this show?"
Aria: "Not really."
Ezra: "Can I bring you a magazine? Some coffee? Pain cream?"
Aria: "Covered, dude."
Ezra: "Can we just hold hands?"
Aria: "I am like so busy with stuff."

Jason calls and I swear to God she thinks about answering it right in front of Ezra for a second.

Ezra: "Is that Jason DiLaurentis?"
Aria: "Maybe. No, it's my Dad. No... I don't know. I have to go, dude."
Ezra: "When can I see you again? Can I bring you flowers? Put on a costume? Lounge around naked and flexing and holding my breath? How about that gaywad thing with the grocery sacks, can we do that again?"
Aria: "We'll see, okay."
Ezra: "I am hanging by a thread here Aria."
Aria: "And yet I could care less. Sucks to date children, huh."

You should read Lolita. It's not about what you think it's about -- we've talked about this before -- but it's really amazing when this part happens in the book, like, Lola just loses interest because he's not actually that interesting and it's like duh, reason #16775 not to be a pedophile is that kids get bored super easily.


Detective: "I'm telling you, he knows I'm tailing him... I'm sorry, but from the awkwardly vague way the crazy girl's threat was worded, I don't think he wants to see you."
Ed McMahon: "Well, I guess we'll just go to the next person on the list. Load the balloons and the giant check back into the van, boys."

Hanna & Caleb, watching a scary ginger family eat ice cream: "I wish we had parents."

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