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The Thought You Can't Think

Ella: "I thought you guys were friends."
Mikey: "Yeah, then came praxis. Who has time for friends when you could be robbing people?"
Ella: "Let's talk about that. You seem to be going balls-out insane."
Mikey: "I don't feel like talking about it. Besides, it's almost time for me to get out my tinfoil helmet because the Fox satellite is getting close to overhead."
Ella: "We are damn well going to talk about it."
Mikey, bouncing: "Oh, like that time Dad cheated on you and you moved out for five seconds? PEACE."
Ella, crying on his window seat: "If only parenting amounted to more than just gently asking open-ended questions and then watching them stomp away to their weapons stockpiles."


Caleb: "Wait, so this castle belongs to the Hastings family? I guess that makes sense because they're rich, but it must be pretty far out of town considering how often those two fought over that hotly contested barn in the yard."
Hanna: "This is just where I take the boys I kidnap. Don't ask questions."
Caleb: "How about you take off that ridiculous costume and start making sense?"
Hanna: "This detective is following you. I wasn't going to tell you because I am losing grip on every part of my life and my mother only taught me to look at men as possessions, but then I realized you're in a better position to stay here if you know to avoid the cops."
Caleb: "Thanks for the info. But -- and I'm addressing your abandonment issues directly at this time -- I am not going anywhere."
Hanna: "That's what guys always say."
Caleb: "No, that's what your Dad says, and if you think for one second about how creepy it is to assume every guy is your dad, I think we'll be in a much healthier place."

Hanna: "Is this about the cage fighting or car-stealing or whatever that was?"
Caleb: "I'm going to say yes. Possibly I don't even know that it's about something else."
Hanna: "Well, how do we get rid of him?"
Caleb: "Let him come to me, say whatever he's going to say, deal with it then."
Hanna: "That all sounds very unlikely. Also, my ADD would never let something just slide like that, so stay tuned. And when you do run away, take me with you. You know I am good at camping."
Caleb: "If by camping you mean doing it, then yes. We will enjoy lots of camping."

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