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Hot Tubs & Hand Grenades
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Mona's lair was discovered at the Lost Woods Inn, where the Liars established a base and which Spencer eventually duplicated inside her own hyperreality supermatrix. After Mona lost it and went to the Radley Center For Girls Too Awesome For The Public, her accomplice was revealed: Spencer's boyfriend, Toby, whose sister Jenna's reclaimed eyesight is no longer a secret.

Before his murder, Garrett Reynolds revealed that Jenna thinks he killed Alison, which he did not, but that possibly Aria's own father was the culprit. Oh, and his girlfriend (both during the marriage and still today) is teaching at her school. But Aria's problems didn't stop there: In addition to his native sketchinesses, which are myriad, her boyfriend Ezra also has a babymama out there in the world. Emily's girlfriend Maya died, after some time as a guest in Noel Kahn's killer robot house. Hanna's boyfriend Caleb got shot, but he's fine now.


A kid in an A-Team hoodie rides his or her* skateboard through the entire town of Rosewood in the middle of the night. Meanwhile, Mona appears in Hanna's bedroom, acting as usual as if her creeping is totally normal. Why? She is super stressed. About what, you ask? Well, she's a bit concerned about the social stigma of constant murder and torture and mayhem for no real reason while in the grips of an adrenalized hyperreality.

Like, how do you come back from that? Maybe the only thing she didn't think of.

Mona: "Is it a bad time?"
Hanna: "Is there ever a bad time to get roused from a deep sleep by your stalker?"
Mona: "I've been released from Radley..."
Hanna: "In the middle of the night?"
Mona: "...And my parents are forcing me back to Rosewood, which is gonna be so weird..."
Hanna: "Yeah, well. Kill a bunch of people and Dicky Greenleaf the rest of 'em..."
Mona: "It's just scary. Nobody's in my corner."
Hanna: "Are you seriously asking me to bring you on board at this point? Like you're the exchange student from Crazytown and we're all just gonna..."

Mona: "Wren said you stood up for me. Kept me here. He said you were my guardian angel."
Hanna: "First of all, that's in large part due to your cryptic kooky messages and acrostics and the fact that you are A-Team. In addition to our complicated relationship. But the other girls... I mean, shit even happened to Aria at Halloween, which is unprecedented. Emily is weaning herself off Spencer Crazy for the time being, but Aria's gearing up."

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