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Hot Tubs & Hand Grenades

Hanna: "Oh, that storyline never really worked anyway thanks to the omniscience of our puppetmaster. So fuck it. If your mom dies, she dies. I don't care anymore."
Caleb: "I wish that I had seen the Brain Incident. I still hate Mona, so the rest of your don't have to."
Hanna: "That's what a good boyfriend does, even though inevitably it bites you in the ass when you try to do it. But also, I have other questions. And an agenda."
Caleb: "Cut to it, then."
Hanna: "Possibly Mona Brained herself. But also, she whispered a thing to Lucas. Who is limping around, also, and is known for a fact to be on the A-Team, albeit in a no-fault capacity. Which makes me wonder, was he the person Aria stabbed through the leg on the Halloween Train?"
Caleb: "As a person who was shot through the abdomen a hot minute before getting on the Halloween Train fully healed, I can tell you that doesn't fly."
Hanna: "Yeah but it was a rusty screwdriver, maybe it didn't heal."
Caleb: "What is with you Marins and your lockjaw obsession?"


Emily: "Dad, you need to get Mom off my tits. Seriously, I cannot be answering her calls every hour to confirm I have not yet been murdered. I have classes. And also, I'm not coming home after school because I have work. Do you believe in work? Honest pay? Yes you do. So drop that noise right now."

Then she spots my guy! Creepy Harold from the Lost Woods Resort, now working as a janitor at the school! Yay, I'm so glad he's back. Emily, not so much. Harold, though, Harold doesn't seem to recognize her at all. Plus, he's very focused on having weird conversations with Mona. They advance a theory later on that seems pretty valid to me, which is that Harold and Mona spent a lot of time together when she was A and her Lair existed at that motel (rather than its two exact duplicates in Spencer's Matrix and now "Room A"), and maybe he got obsessed with her because she's awesome, so he's undercover now to stalk and/or help her out in the hostile environment of high school. That works for me. If I had a Harold of my own I certainly would take him everywhere I went, because he is great.


Toby is wearing a Hunger Games windbreaker, which somehow manages to make him look even more insane than usual. Spencer plays with his lovely hair and generally girlfriends out on him, which I guess is a good enough release after a long morning of being Spencer Hastings.

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