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Hot Tubs & Hand Grenades

Hanna: "Caleb never knew his dad, and that turned him into a homeless werewolf that lives in the walls of other people's houses and of public buildings. So think about that."


Spencer and Toby and a massage in a hot tub. I kind of don't want to talk about it. With the exception of Spencer, that is a fairly comprehensive list of things that skeeve me out.

Toby: "What are you stewing about? In this hot tub, notably, which is itself like stewing in your own juices and the juices of your friends, family, and more than likely strangers."
Spencer: "But like, Jason's great, and even smart occasionally..."
Toby: "-- Ugh. Shut up about Jason. Seriously."
Spencer: "I just feel like his whole family is dead, or drunk, or my dad. And then there's me, the only person who has his back..."
Toby: "Like the shit you're working with is so stable and safe? Name one normal thing in your entire life. Entire day, name one thing that was normal and/or unterrifying."
(Random rustling and the sound of knife-wielding, out in the wilderness.)
Spencer: "...I cannot. I'm going inside. Put on a shirt or don't put on a shirt, I don't really give a damn at this point. But this 'romantic' hot tub date is over."


Aria: "Mike went somewhere to study, so it's just me in here."
Byron: "Two questions. One, who is this 'Mike' you speak of, and Two, tell me everything about my girlfriend's first day as a teacher!"
Aria: "I bet that bitch told you everything."
Byron: "She said you and your friends were 'cautiously welcoming.' Which I thought was odd, because both of those words, singly and together, are the precise opposite of you and your friends."

Byron: "I guess I was worried, because teenage girls are such assholes."
Aria: "Oh, that reminds me. Did you hate my best friend? Maybe enough to bury her alive in her own yard, or..."
Byron: "Nnnnnno? I'm gonna say no. What a weird question?"
Aria: "Okay, did you think she was cool?"
Byron: "I dunno. Teenagers. They're basically all the same."
Aria: "So you didn't have a special relationship or arrangement of any kind? No late-night fights with cops secretly watching?"
Byron: "...You must really miss her, huh. That's probably where this is coming from. Certainly not because you are figuring out that I murdered the shit out of her."

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