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Hot Tubs & Hand Grenades

Aria: "Yeah, I miss her. I also miss trusting my Daddy."
Byron: "You lost that well before the show even started, dude. Do you not remember the entire year before Alison even died? Which was like three years ago?"


"Ever since I was little, and all through junior high, I was considered a loser. I was humiliated, picked on, and tortured. And as hard as all that misery and torture was..."

Regina: "Wait, this bitch is sending this video to people?"
Hanna: "To all the people. She has gone viral."
Regina: "I take back everything I said. Drop her like a sack of nuts."

"Before you turn this off, or throw something at the screen, please just hear me out. I've been in Radley for over seven months now. And I want to tell you about what I..."

Lucas: "I heard James Purefoy is going to play her in the TV series about the cult she's starting."
Hanna: "Oh my God, I'm so happy to see you! You're so neat and beautiful and smart and such a good friend to me and Caleb..."
Lucas: "I can't hang out. I just brought the last of that money I stole from Caleb about a million years ago."
Hanna: "Nice limp, limpy! Somebody stab you in that leg, maybe?"
Lucas: "Toby tried to run me over for no reason, no big deal. A-Team stuff. Can't talk about it."

Hanna: "Oh, of course. Of course you can't, it would be rude of me to ask. I won't even bother asking about Mona, even though we know for a fact you were a huge part of all that."
Lucas: "All I can tell you is that she was sneaking out of the hospital regularly. But probably I actually should not have told you that. And I should go."
Hanna: "Damn it, but you're so awesome. Fine. I miss you, though."
Lucas: "I miss you too."
Jacob: "I MISS YOU TOO."

"I know that you ultimately have to own up. Own up to what you've done, and what's been done to you, and then you have to learn to forgive..."


Caleb and Aria just roll their eyes as Mona's million fans crowd her. Aria's wearing the aforementioned flag-skull-sequin-shoulderpad outfit, though, so I don't know where the hell she gets off. Anyway, everybody is there, ready to run this marathon for a charity. What charity? Who cares, why bother us with that information, why load us down with some irrelevant shit like that. Do you know what show you're watching? Emily raised $247, I know that, but that's all I know. I slow-mo'd the whole thing and no. Never found an indication of why any of this is happening at all. What charity would they be running for in Rosewood anyway?

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