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Hot Tubs & Hand Grenades

Hanna: "Have you thought about calling Jenna Marshall? You guys have a lot in common, in certain ways."
Mona: "That's kind of uncalled for. And I am taking my meds! I am on all of them, I am taking all of the meds. People can get better. I had a breakdown, that's all. Your whole character arc is about understanding that people can change. You more than anyone else know it's possible. It's not like I'm proud of who I was. See who I am now."
Hanna, verbatim: "I do see you, Mona. You're freaking me out."

Grandma Regina: "Hanna, are you talking to crazies in there?"
Hanna: "No, Grandma. Just dusting my lily or whatever. Go back to bed."
Mona: "Later. Thanks for being such a good friend!"
Hanna: "That's not what I..."



* It was Lucas! So the "his or her skateboard" was actually appropriate. Because he is a hermaphrodite, and because he is as beautiful as any woman.

Which makes it all the more disconcerting that Toby is chasing him through the streets, t-boning mom cars and eventually driving up onto like the steps of City Hall or something trying to kill him. Lucas cannot fucking catch a break, man.

On the other hand, props to Hanna Marin. This is the first case of vehicular homicide in Rosewood history where she's not even involved. See? People can change!


Text: "So yeah, Mona's now Peter Pan. You'll see her at school today, presuming she hasn't already climbed into your window which is her new thing."

Dad: "Coincidentally, I am putting alarms and bars and invisible electricity on all your windows. Also, the whole house. We live in a robot house now. I control it with my phone, which -- spoiler alert -- is exactly the same as your phone, because we're on a family plan or whatever probably."
Emily: "The thing about dealing with PTSD from constantly being put in boxes and cages and trapped both metaphorically and literally all the time is, please don't do that."

Dad: "In a way this is just your mom's way of still fucking everything up, even all the way from Texas. Remember how she moved to be with me in Texas because of my military work? Here's a helpful hint, I wear a big ARMY t-shirt in every single scene, like military guys do. They're literally all I own. The point is, your mom moved there to be with me, so of course I live here now."

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