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Hot Tubs & Hand Grenades

Liars: "Fuck off, Aria. And yes, but Mona says she's better now, Hanna said."
Aria: "Better at what? Damn that girl. Damn her eyes."
Spencer, verbatim: "Mona had serious insight into what happened to Maya. What if she could tell us why Garrett was killed? What if she has some kind of connection to the NAT Club?"
Liars: "So basically all your things that you're obsessed with?"

Aria: "Spence, she was still sucky Mona that whole time of that Club. Glasses and braces and whatever. They wouldn't even have filmed her through her windows, like they did the rest of us hot bitches. My self-esteem comes from weird places."
Spencer: "Maybe she was spying on them in turn, like she spies on everybody at all times? She tracked down Vivian Darkbloom, too. And there's that video about Ali's death out there somewhere, and Garrett's whole story on Halloween..."
Aria: "Stop talking about my dad!"
Spencer: "...Annnnd right back around to Aria. Slick."

Aria gets very scary, though, about how hard she is repressing this latest thing. And I mean, she's worked really hard to get normal with him, true. But I think a big part of the shadow in play here is, if Byron had secrets with Alison, then that opens an entire door to a room that teenage girls spend twenty years ignoring is there. If Byron had a secret with Alison, then he could easily have many secrets with Alison. And enough of those would end the world, because we hate the people Daddy makes deals with and has secrets with -- even if we also hate Daddy, which Aria's trying real hard to avoid.

Not to mention that, way way down at the bottom even of that, it would mean Alison wins their particular, primary, most intimate game (the Cece Drake Game, the Noel Kahn Game), which was the main way she kept possession of Aria's soul when she was alive. If Alison had big enough secrets with Byron, she becomes even more the adult, and Aria -- whose entire thing is about being better than her age and peers, c.v. Ezra Fitz, c.v. flight lessons -- would be even more the child. Total Aria ego annihilation, in about ten different ways.

God, I hope it's true.


It's definitely my Texas roots showing, but I didn't know that "hearing Betty Buckley say the words huevos rancheros" was even on my bucket list until it happened. It's like a hug under a waterfall. Amazing.

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