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Day For Night
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Spencer's little more than a buzzing vibration in the air at this point, but one that remembers dimly a time when her fugue states were the key to the mystery; that brief time she thought maybe she killed the girl that never died. Hanna's getting over Caleb with the helpful friendship of her two male friends Travis and Gabe Holbrook, who are her friends. Emily's still trying to figure out what to do with Ali's lasagna money. Ezra was A, but then it turned out actually he is Truman Capote's answer to Nancy Drew, which threw Aria for a fucking loop.


Liars: "So this book of Ezra's that necessitated stalking us for years, did you read it?"
Aria: "...I mean, I scanned for my name obviously."

The headlines are these: He knew who all the Liars were, and briefly dated Alison, but he didn't try to kill her. He just took advantage of her death to shoot for literary superstardom. What else did he say, as they slalomed awkwardly down that mountain together in the night?

Aria: "He thinks one of us did it. I thought that was kind of interesting."
Spencer: "I think that too. Possibly."
Aria: "I didn't bother reading that part to find out who he thought it was, though."
Liars: "THAT'S SO ARIA."
Spencer: "Or maybe he's doing that to pin it on us. Investigating his own..."
Aria: "Let's not lose track of what's important here..."
Liars: "Lemme guess..."
Aria: "Me! The part about me. This means he never loved me! He was just using me!"
Liars: "As opposed to most statutory rapists, who respect their underage poon. And you're saying this is why that Ravenswood apartment, with the giant Alisons everywhere staring at you sometimes literally, with the ledgerbook where he prissily wrote out checks to CeCe Drake so she would dress up like Little Red Riding Hood and roam the streets, that was all just..."
Aria: "Flair?"
Liars: "And now he's using us so he can get his big finale where she's not even dead. I would love to read a murder mystery like that, wouldn't you? And by the way I just totally wasted your weekend, The End."
Hanna: "Speaking of CeCe, do you think this means Alison was the one eating Cheetos and staring up at Emily's crotch under Jessica's house this whole time?"
Aria: "Bitch you need to focus."

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