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Smiling Faces Sometimes

Hanna: "Soooo, it's all Paige? Ian, Garrett, now Pigskin? This usually ends up with the person dead. Or related to you."

Spencer: "She's been obsessed with Emily this entire time, right? That means, who's she most jealous of? Alison and Maya. You know who is dead? Alison and Maya. You know who keeps getting tortured? The other three of us, of whom Pigskin's also probably jealous. Anybody heard from Samara lately? Anybody checked in with Cousin Nate in the last 24 hours?"
Hanna: "Ugh, that guy is the worst. Even for Rosewood, he is bad news. But actually, the part where Emily connects the two dead girls does make sense."
Spencer: "IS THAT WREN?"

Oh my God, she is incandescent tonight. Only Spencer Hastings could multitask like this.

Hanna: "No, you lunatic. It's Emily."
Spencer: "Quick, what lies should we tell her? I say all of them."
Hanna: "No, I am going to say Hello. That's what we say to friends."
Spencer: (Crazy eyes.)
Emily: "Hey, that knife with the weird monogram that we found in the Kahn Robot Murder House? It's gone."
Spencer: (Crazy eyes.)
Hanna: "I guess A snuck into her house and only stole that one thing."
Spencer: (Crazy eyes.)
Hanna: "Maybe you're right."


Aria: "How can I be here all weekend, because apparently now my parents are just chill with that, and not totally tell him he has a son our age?"
Wesley: "Just hang up the other side of this incredibly tragic banner and stop wigging. You want me to tell him I was the one that did it?"
Aria: "And when Maggie describes you as a 'petite co-ed named Amy'? You're pretty, but you're not that pretty."

Pretty enough to date? Fingers crossed.

Wesley: "As your sudden random best friend, I just want to support you in this."
Aria: (Panic attack, plus a good line about how Wesley and Aria were still learning times tables when all this shit went down.)
Wesley: "Hey, kiddo. This is only as much of a drama as you want it to be."
Aria: "Then stand the fuck back."


Every surface is covered in TRESemmé® products, just like at the last trunk show when demons invaded and Noel Kahn was the DJ and literally every surface was littered with it.

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