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Smiling Faces Sometimes

Cece Drake: "Stop being a pussy and go try on clothes in the snake-filled dressing room. I already told you, Animal Control has scanned the whole place for nests."
Spencer: "NESTS?"
Cece Drake: "Ugh, amateur. Hanna, you're keeping it together, right? Except for your insane shirt of a raccoon face. Let's put you in some clothes that aren't crying out for a Spirit Hood and a hula hoop, shall we?"
Hanna: "Nothing that shows off my robot wounds."
Cece Drake: "Okay, and put your hair up. Use this TRESemmé© Fresh Start™ Dry Shampoo®. It comes in Volumizing™ and Strengthening©, depending on your Fresh Start™ needs, as well as a Moisturizing Waterless® Foam™ if you need a more intense Fresh Start®."
Hanna: "Sometimes you get to see how the sausage gets made. Sometimes it doesn't feel so good."
Cece Drake: "Whatever pays for a million snakes. Think about it."

Hanna: "I can't wear this dress that shows off my legs. Maybe Emily can."
Cece Drake: "Oh, you got Emily to come?"
Hanna: "We'll see. Hand me that full-length summer dress and we'll give her the leggy one."
Spencer: "Hanna, take her temperature before she sees me, and don't mention Paige, and..."
Hanna: "Spencer! This isn't actually a Special Op. Whether or not her girlfriend attacked you with millions of snakes, for the purposes of this trunk show she's just our best friend. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go be alone in the room with all the snakes."

Creepin' creeper creeps her, as she's changing... But no! It is just Caleb! He is hiding in the dressing room, breathing heavy, and tells her in a sexy way that she's off the hook for the USB thing. Seems that he approached Ashley directly and told her that part of the USB footage was her daughter in a bikini, which... Considering Wilden is part of the takedown, Ashley was freaked by. Smart, smart wolfie. I'm so happy to see him these days, aren't you? Anyway, they giggle and secretly make out and nobody outside the dressing room knows he's there, and it's super sexy.


Ezra: "Hey! My baby girlfriend and my baby brother, baking me a cake! So listen, I just wanted to tell you that I called Maggie and she's doing great. She got her Masters and she's teaching, owns a house, lives there alone. She's really happy. We only talked for like a second, but I'm relieved and can now focus entirely on you, as you prefer."

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