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Smiling Faces Sometimes

Ashley: "The punchline is, they taped me fucking Officer Wilden. So."
Hanna: "For the love of Pastor Ted. Got it."
Ashley: "Add this to the list of things we are never going to mention again."

Pastor Ted: "You look amazing! I guess those videos didn't freak you out, huh?"
Ashley: "It was that weirdo bully thing, like I thought."
Pastor Ted: "Well, turning it over would still be the right thing to do. I know you're new to acting appropriately, but..."
Hanna: "Hey, I destroyed the thumb drive. You know how crazy I am."
Ashley: "Young lady, you are grounded! You are not really."


Aria: "So wait, Paige had the other earring in her purse?"
Spencer: "Yeah! I bet she's hoarding Alison's bones even. She is A!"
Aria: "Probably. You're usually so right about who is A each week."

Emily: "So are we going to sit on this porch talking about your suicide attempt all night and crying, or... Because that sounds like fun to me."
Paige: "No, I'm just going to go inside and clean myself up."
Emily: "Cool, I'll stay out here getting murdered."

A creeper creeps. It is Jenna Thing!

Jenna: "I need to talk to you, Emily. About your friend..."
(She spots two mugs of tea, and beats a hasty retreat.)
Jenna: "Sorry, I thought you were alone. Later!"
Emily: "But hey, what? What is going on now?"
Jenna: "Be very, very careful about who you spend your time with, Emily. I am scared for you."

She runs off to a taxi -- with luggage? -- while Paige is ignoring a call from Spencer on Emily's phone. The music gets super scary, and Paige follows Emily inside! What? Must be almost the finale, huh?


On a jukebox somewhere in time and space, A plays that Motown song "Smiling Faces Sometimes" ("Smiling faces sometimes pretend to be your friend / Smiling faces show no traces of the evil that lurks within / Smiling faces, smiling faces sometimes / They don't tell the truth...") and then hands the key to that apartment from previous A-tags, presumably, to... ANOTHER A! Two black hoodies, four black gloves, and a smooth paranoia jam.

Man, this show. Can you dig it? I mean, I know there's the A-Team and it's nothing new exactly, as information, but holy shit to actually see them in the same place being A at the same time... Ugh, so scary.

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