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Aria: "Brought you flowers, little lady. Happy birthday!"
Ezra: "I don't like to think about our ages. Let me just lounge around in my boxers for a while. Oh, and I wrote an email to Maggie but I didn't send it."
Aria: "This falls under the heading of things that don't matter to me."
Ezra: "Well, I feel like maybe my mom destroyed her life. You know, like how she got all rabid with you at that museum. I'm starting to feel bad about being a bystander while my mom put that girl through hell."
Aria: "I guess my birthday present will be giving a shit about your drama for once."


Emily: "It's so nice to just chill with you in the morning before school. Our relationship is going real smoothly, I can't tell you how nice that is."
Paige: "You are in so much trouble and you don't even know it. I've given you several opportunities to tell me a thing and you're not telling me."
Emily: "Oh hey, no big deal but I kissed Cousin Nate."
Paige: "Tell me more about why that would happen."
Emily: "Listen, I'm confused as you are."
Paige: "I'm not confused, idiot. You both loved Maya and you lost her. Yeah, I went on a trash-kicking rampage, but I'm cool now."
Emily: "Wow, you really are being cool. I hope this doesn't end horribly for everybody."


Spencer: "Why is Ezra even concerned about some girl he knocked up? He's like a million years old, that was a long time ago."
Aria: "I kind of pushed and shoved and bugged him until it was all he could think about."
Spencer: "Turn the car around, Montgomery. Do not go there."
Aria: "This is my relationship, Spencer. Don't boss me."
Spencer: "First of all, I will always boss you. I'm Spencer Hastings. And second of all, the fuck you say. I'm pretty sure Ezra is a community problem. If you didn't want input from the rest of us, then why don't you ever shut up about him?"
Aria: "It almost makes me seem unbearably self-centered when you put it that way."

Cece Drake: "Hey, here's a flyer! It's a sort of a fundraiser. We're sacrificing virgins to a dark God."
Spencer: "Listen, what are you doing in my school?"
Cece Drake: "Actually, you knew about this. It's a trunk show for the boutique, and you promised to help me, and also you owe me for the UPenn thing I may or may not have done."

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