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Smiling Faces Sometimes

Spencer: "I feel like somebody should be writing all this down."


Cece Drake: "Anyway, come do all my work for me at this trunk show."
Spencer: "No problem, I have to stare blatantly at Paige McCullers for about an hour first, though."
Paige: "Hey, Spencer. I'm just going to spookily stare back at you for that long also."


I was thinking about this the other day and I just remembered I need to ask my siblings about it, but like, is there such a thing as Typing anymore? Do people learn to do that in school? It seems weird, like getting elective credit for breathing in and out at a constant rate.

Anyway, what's going on is so cute. Hanna and Caleb are in class, IMing romantically because it's fun to have a secret. There's a very odd voiceover effect that I am not digging, but it's still nice. Storywise, the bulk of the conversation is about that USB drive, specifically how either Jenna or A is going to murder them both if it gets to the cops. I hadn't really thought about that part, so good on Hanna. Caleb doesn't think they should steal it, because he's seen this show before and he knows what's gonna happen next.

Jenna: "Hanna, get off that fucking computer so I can use it."
Hanna: "Fine, but I'm closing this window."

I bet it's a lot more fun computing when you don't have to connect fifty blind-people devices to it every time. Not that I ever understood what she was doing in those moments. She sits, glares in Caleb's direction, and he glares right back at her. I am finally getting used to the concept of her eyeballs, I'm happy to say.


Emily: "Hey, I borrowed Paige's bike! Just some information I'm sharing with you, as a sort of salutation."
Cousin Nate: "I was just giving the stinkeye to a guy reading the newspaper, because it mentions Garrett's trial. You know, that dude who didn't kill Maya? Still mad at him. Oh hey, you look really hot on a bike."
Emily: "You know what they say about a fish without a bicycle? Even more true when I've got the bicycle."

Cousin Nate: "Wanna grab a 'slice'?"
Emily: "No, because we're not dating. Because I am dating somebody else, and because I am a lesbian. And because you are an infinite creeper."
Cousin Nate: "How about after practice? Will we be dating then?"
Emily: "Did you ever think that trying to get me to date you based on the murder of my girlfriend is an odd way to go about doing things?"

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