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Smiling Faces Sometimes

Cousin Nate: "There were moments I questioned my plan, but then it worked. So."
Emily: "Yeah, about that. I'm gay and I have a girlfriend. Sorry I kissed you that time, but I am a total trainwreck because of my dead girlfriend."
Cousin Nate: "Much like Maya, you are reckless. Not impulsive, but crazy. She used to pull this shit on guys all the time. Because she was a bitch and a cocktease."
Emily: "Wow, you have made this easy. Later!"


Aria, because what's a better plan than doing the absolute worst thing you can think of, has decided to visit Maggie at work. She's a teacher in elementary school and she has total crazy eyes.

Maggie: "Come right in, little girl! I can't wait to talk to you about early childhood education! Don't mind my total crazy eyes or my Mia Farrow hairdo."
Aria: "Wow, this became a bad idea immediately."


Spencer: "Emily! What's going on, in a nutshell?"
Emily: "I kissed Cousin Nate and he -- as usual -- acted super sketch. What do you want?"
Spencer: "Wow, intense. Um, did Ali or Paige ever talk to you about their blood feud they had going on?"
Emily: "Cece liberates us from the comforting lies we shelter ourselves from. Don't listen to her unless you want things to become radical. She gives me the willies. It was the thing I liked least about Ali."
Spencer: "It was my favorite thing about her. But back to Paige. You know how that bitch is 100 percent crazy?"
Emily: "Yeah, what's your point?"
Spencer: "So like... You've been dating her off and on for a year, and she never mentioned being at war with our dead best friend?"
Emily: "Cece is the new Alison in this way also, pitting us against each other for fun."
Spencer: "This isn't about Cece! This is about the fact that Pigskin tried to kill you multiple times and went trash-kicking and her dad is crazy and she date-raped you."

Amazing. This is amazing. Also, somebody is now watching and listening to them.

Emily: "I don't have to listen to this slander! She had a lot going on back then!"
Spencer: "Yeah, like being totally nuts and also super sneaky and sketchy! She's a snake*! She lobbied to get you thrown off the swim team..."

Emily screams at her and stomps off, and Spencer just about cries from how bad that went.

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