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Smiling Faces Sometimes


You know how sometimes Jenna used to sit around on stuff, eating snacks like pistachios as though they were sinister dairy products? Well, she still does it. Somehow it's even more disconcerting these days.

Hanna: "Jenna! How's it goin', you old so-and-so?"
Jenna: Silently and menacingly yanks a cherry stem at her. Pop! It is the best part of the episode.
Hanna: "Anyway, you know how we have video footage of you raping your brother? You know, Toby? The brother you raped over and over?"
Jenna: "I vaguely remember that, yeah."
Hanna: "Anyway, that's probably going to the cops. Heads up."
Jenna: "Well, thanks for telling me. You'd probably better tell your loved ones how you feel and make out a motherfucking will."

The shades go back on, is how thrown Hanna's got her, and I don't even think Hanna realizes. Jenna is so sad. She turns it into rage.

Cousin Nate: "Hey, Hanna! Do you know where Emily is and whether or not we're dating?"
Cousin Nate: "Not that simple."
Hanna: "No, it really is. Emily's like the simplest person -- and I mean this in the best way -- in the whole world."
Cousin Nate: "You know who else is a tease and a bitch? Jenna."
Hanna: "I know, right? Like how she pretended to be blind."
Cousin Nate: "Well, now I have two girls to be freaky and sketchy about."


Maggie: "So, you're going to be a teacher. That should be really fulfilling."
Aria: "I'm not sure where I should live, like a city or a small town or somewhere haunted. I guess it just depends on the dating scene."
Maggie: "This conversation makes little to no sense, but I can tell you I get laid on the reg."

A little boy with the Fitzgerald look to him runs up, to ask if he can take a play date with some other little boy, and Maggie tells him no.

Aria: "The fuck was that about?"
Maggie: "Malcolm is clearly my son. Annnd now I see you doing the math... Yes, I was a Teen Mom way before the Palins made it cool."
Aria: "If you'll excuse me, my brains just exploded out of my nose and mouth."


Spencer: "I'm not sure I can actually rally any of the other Liars, Cece Drake. Hanna's about to fuck with police evidence again and possibly get killed by a ghost or formerly blind chick, Aria's off contemplating the end of the world as we know it, and Emily..."

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