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Even Cece is like, "I got the feeling she was scared of Paige, but who knows. That freak wasn't scared of much." So maybe this is the Jenna Thing we've been doing, in another form: She was afraid of Paige, who after all beat her black-and-blue at one point, so she had to get the upper hand just to make it stop. Very Alison, returning the volley twice as hard so nobody could get close enough to hurt her -- she did the same thing blackmailing Jason, when he threatened her that time, and you definitely had the feeling it was potentially physical with them, too. Maybe that's what this was? Whatever it was, it was wonderful to watch. So many colors.


Emily: "So you knew Alison, I think?"
Paige: "Nope."
Emily: "Well, somebody said that..."
Paige: "The fuck are your friends talking about me to you, instead of me?"
Emily: "Whatever, never mind."

Paige: "Maybe it's your friends you can't trust. Ever wonder why you're the only one that got roofied That Night?"
Emily: "My friends didn't poison me. I love them. I was the only one because Maya was dead and I was turning into an alcoholic."
Paige: "Mona pretended to be your friend for like a year, and she turned out to be a mutant."
Emily: "Literally, with psychic powers and everything. But honestly, we were never friends, and this is a whole different deal. For reasons I can't talk about, I know I can trust them."
Paige: "Sorry for trying to isolate you from your friends, like all creeps. Maybe I'll go the other way, and spend more time with them."
Emily: "You mean like fun movie night time, or more of a drowning them kind of thing?"
Paige: "You never know with ol' Paige McCullers."


Wesley: "Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you, alone in my brother's house with that kick-ass blowout. Just dropping off a birthday present. Hey, why do you look insane?"
Aria: "...Why did you tell me about Maggie?"
Wesley, caringly: "Sorry, I assumed he was being honest with you. I didn't do it to mess with your head. What's going on?"
Aria: "I kind of took a train to Wilmington and visited her classroom. Ezra... I knew he'd never shut up and focus on me if I didn't make sure she was okay."
Wesley: "Is she okay? I hope so, because I am apparently a sweet kid."

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