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Of course, Paige shows up at Emily's house after her "date" and blabbers about Emily's window seat and how perfect Emily's life is and whatever, and then admits that Sean tried to kiss her and that it was totally gross.

Emily: "This is why you shouldn't date boys. Sean is relatively nice, in the context of Rosewood, and now you are messing him around too."
Paige: "It's easy for you to say that I shouldn't drag innocent people into my web of lies. Your family totally supports you being gay and dating crazy women and potheads."
Emily: "It's like you haven't heard a single world I've ever said."
Paige: "I just mean that you are a hero and that you invincibly came out of the closet and you're a role model and holding me to your standard is cruel."
Emily: "The fuck?"
Paige: "You're fearless!"
Emily, secretly: "I am not fearless, I am the victim of a multi-person conspiracy that used my sexual identity in a horrific game of cat-and-mouse."
Emily, verbatim: "I didn't 'come out' of the closet, I fell out. On my face!"

Emily explains, very wonderfully, the Coming Out Thing, which is that big changes all look like the Apocalypse from one side, with just awful things on the other side, until you actually get there and then it's not only pretty great, but also you don't have giant secrets hanging over your head making you feel gross inside.

Change feels like dying because it is, but if Alison taught us anything it's that we sometimes need an Angel of Disclosure to get you through the parts you're too weak to do yourself. You're allowed to be afraid, there is in fact an entire system set in place specifically to make you afraid, but once you get the courage to step through the door, everything changes. You're out of the Game, and you realize pretty much the only rule of the Game is shaming you into staying in the Game. Because if everybody stopped playing the Game at once, nobody could ever tell us what to do again.

They sit down on the window seat and Emily laughs at the at least two different ironies here: Number one, when she tried to find the Perfect Guy, it was somebody like Paige: Somebody funny and brave, that would pull her up onstage and get her to sing, because she knows she'd never do that on her own. But the second irony, which she doesn't get to explain, is that she's doing that for Paige just by existing. And it's this second irony that brings Paige in for the kiss, there on the window seat.

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