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Til The Riot's Gone
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Wilden's still hot on the trail for Hanna's blood w/r/t the ankle bracelet of doom, but since her mother is apparently on a two-week bender, we've still got time for Veronica Hastings to get her off the hook. Apparently at her leisure, considering they've mentioned this task so many times that it's sure to screw Hanna somehow next week. Meredith, Byron's student-lover, may or may not be getting a job at Rosewood HS. Spencer and Toby covered up for Jason's little moment of falling-off-the-wagon, leading Toby to invent new kinds of emotions and how to show 'em. Emily accidentally roofied Paige, her former stalker, and Mona directed the Liars to Maya's personal website.


Spencer: "I don't suppose crazy slipped you the password as well?"
Hanna: "I hate when you guys are mean about her just because she stalked us and tried to murder us and drove us crazy and ruined our lives and families and reputations. It's just so petty."
Emily: "If anybody cares, I'm taking that dude who is pretending to be my dead girlfriend's cousin up to a remote area near a large haunted body of water. So if you never see me again, that's probably why."
Spencer: "I don't care about anything except this Website Page."
Emily: "Well, I've got some ideas about the password. Since she was my girlfriend for a whole cumulative five minutes."

Emily tries a single password, which, I don't even wanna know. Something about hats or marijuana, most likely. Whatever is insufferable, that's Maya's favorite word, so maybe she chose a shocker secret word like integrity or interesting or respect. Oh! Got it, it's Respeito! Obviously. But Emily does not know that word either, so whatever she typed in is wrong.

Emily: "Would it be entirely out of character for my single guess being wrong to send me into an emotional tailspin?"
Liars: "Gonna say no."
Emily: "Then consider my emotional breakdown well underway. Because of the fact that I didn't guess her password the first time I tried."


Byron: "Aria, if I try to talk to you are you going to run at me with your head down like a quarterback?"
Aria: "Not until I put my awful shoes on, bitch. What's up?"
Byron: "Do you still eat dinner?"
Aria: "I don't even live here, you douchebag. But I'll whip something up when I get home. Now if you'll just get the fuck out of my way..."

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