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Stolen Kisses

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Til The Riot's Gone

Aria: "It's like you're trying to be young all the time and I'm always trying to act older than I am. Have you ever read Lolita?"
Ezra: "Have I."

Aria: "This was sponsored by Lyle and Frances Springer, like the Springer Preservation Fund and the Springer Endowment For The Arts... Are they your grandparents?"
Ezra: "Yep. That's where the Jag came from."
Aria: "This is weird. I mean, your family is like seriously rich. That's important. Not because money is important, but because it makes families and people work more differently than most of us on either side are willing to admit, or even able to understand. You only know what your own family is like, not what other people's are like, so you just assume everybody's the same as you, until an election yea..."
Diane: "-- Not me! I know you're trash. Welcome to the gallery or benefit!"

Aria: "We're not done talking about this. I got a job to buy you ramen noodles. I'm okay being a part of your bohemian fantasy, and all, but I'm already solving like three conspiracies here, it's not like I have a lot of fucking time on my hands."
Ezra: "Look, lots of people take a break from their families in their twenties. It's known as the Post-Graduate Temper Tantrum, and it comes along with the Post-Graduate Freakout. You'll understand in ten years or so."
Aria: "Taking a break from my family is like, my favorite activity. Don't condescend to me, you old bitch."
Ezra: "Sorry. Sorry, Khaleesi."


Emily chills at the boathouse, calmly and gently waiting to be murdered. Cousin Nate shows up to oblige.

Nate: "I just wanted to see what it was like at night. To kill, I mean. To kill a girl at night."
Emily: "Whatever. Apparently I'm cool with all kinds of stuff."
Nate: "Wanna talk about it? While I murder you?"
Emily: "What if you got date raped, but the person blamed it on you?"
Nate: "Probably it actually is your fault. That tends to be how it works."
Emily: "That's what I was thinking, too. I better go apologize to the girl who constantly stalks and drowns me, for making her date-rape me. You're a good friend."
Nate: "So like... The killing-you thing, that's off the table? ...Okay, see you I guess."


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