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Stolen Kisses

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Til The Riot's Gone

Diane: "The women have you outnumbered. Therefore you will do our bidding. Farewell."

Ezra: "Thanks for fucking that one up, Aria. This is going to be hell."
Aria: "Why did you change your name?"
Ezra: "I am a wannabe writer, so..."
Aria: "What if your last name was Hemingway?"
Ezra: "Then I would be Ezra Hem."
Aria: "Ezrachem. Sounds Jewish."
Ezra: "Uh, don't let my mom hear you say that."


I love this show so much. Spencer's supposedly doing all kinds of crazy Zero Cool hacker shit to get into the website, but all it really is is her writing down words and then typing them into the password field, while saying aloud that she's doing hacker shit. It's like, they know we don't care, and we for sure know they don't care, so why do a whole song and dance about it?

Hanna: Very exercised about this whole thing, because it will prove that there is goodness in Mona if she has given them a real thing and not a ticking time bomb of some kind like they all assume.
Spence: "Adjust your attitude. A Website Page is not a piƱata."
Hanna: "I am about to go buckwild on you."
Spence: "Okay, hey, how about this? We know a real hacker."
Hanna: "Ugh, I knew this was coming. Fine, he's back in town. You can involve him. Right up until the inevitable text message informing us that he or his mother is dead."
Spencer: "That was the plan. Like how you broke up with him solely because you didn't want to involve him with this, so now I'm going to."

Toby: "I am here to throw a danged fit!"
Hanna, innocently: "Hi, Toby!"

Toby gives her the most amazing talk-to-the-hand hand you've ever seen. RuPaul shimself would be like, "That was some motherfucking shade right there."

Toby: "I don't have time for you bitches today! Spencer! I need to yell at you for no reason!"
Spencer: "Fine. Hanna, take this laptop upstairs. I don't want it to get damaged by all the flailing that's about to happen."
Hanna: "Nice to see you, Toby. Your Mad Scientist hairdo really sets off your gorgeous eyes."

Toby: "Spencer! Where is Jason!"
Spencer: "I dunno, around? Where do DiLaurentises go when you're not looking at them? Everywhere and nowhere."
Toby: "His car is missing! His smashed-up car! We lied to the police! It's like Friday Night Lights but with even less consequences!"

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