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Stolen Kisses

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Til The Riot's Gone

Spencer: "He's my brother? Shit is going downhill at a furious rate for him? Why, after all the junk I've pulled on your brain, is this..."
Toby: "-- Spencer! I distrust siblings!"
Spencer: "Valid. But I fail to see..."
Toby: "I don't know what's really going on! So I just assume everything is bad, all the time!"
Spencer: "I feel you there. But again, I hardly think..."
Toby: "-- Spencer! I am going to figure out what's going on! I am not going to ask you questions or collaborate with you! I am now your enemy!"
Spencer: "Fine, whatever. I really don't have time for more Cavanaugh drama right now."
Toby: "Okay bye! I love you!"

Spencer: "...Well, he's certainly going to die now. It's really too bad."


Paige is just hanging out in her backyard with an overturned bicycle whose wheels never stop spinning. Sounds about right, no?

Emily: "I just came by to apologize for roofying you."
Paige: "That is not necessary. I have other stuff going on, like this bicycle."
Emily: "No, but I really want to tell you what's going on with everything. Nothing useful or that would keep you safe, just enough to seriously endanger your life."
Paige: "And again, I can't be bothered. Please leave my property."
Emily: "Uh, okay. I thought you were freakishly obsessed with me and had no concept of boundaries, so this whole deal is ... not something I anticipated."
Paige: "Oh, don't you worry about that."

It's true. Every single time I get scared that Paige is not going to do the most fucked up thing imaginable, and every single time I get worried, and then she's like, "BLAM! Never doubt me." So stay tuned.


I think we've seen this establishment "Rear Window" before, but I can't remember in what context. Anyway, what I called the Talon and we learned was called the Brew is actually the Rear Window Brew, I think. Next week, who knows? We're still only just learning the names of their hot waitstaff.

Hanna: "Wren. Could you just sit still so we can look at you for about an hour? Not enough close-ups in this scene, at all."
Wren: "They're putting Mona's crazy on trial, thinking about moving her insane ass to a lockdown in Saratoga. That's in New York."
Hanna: "Just because I throw chairs at her and she attacked a werewolf and has been smuggling her drugs out to the other craziest person in town?"

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