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Stolen Kisses

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Til The Riot's Gone

Wren: "Yeah. Her parents, um, don't really care either way, so..."
Hanna: "So put your insane good looks and medical knowledge to work, little man!"
Wren: "No, that's not how the medical profession works. They can only be swayed by the testimony of a barely literate high school student."


Spencer: "Caleb, your car is clearly very expensive."
Caleb: "My mysterious mother can't drive anymore ever since A tried to kill her, so she let me drive it back from Cali."
Spencer: "You drove here all the way? Without even Lucas to keep you company?"
Caleb: "Yeah, I have had lots to think about ever since my entire character changed in every way."
Spencer: "Can you help me hack into a Website Page?"
Caleb: "Will this endanger my life?"
Spencer: "Is that going to be a problem?"
Caleb: "Just don't tell Hanna. We'll have a secret together."
Spencer: "Cool. My regular boyfriend just bounced with a flounce, so."

Aria: "Emily, what should I wear to the Osgood? I need to look really sophisticated, and I don't know what that word means when applied to fashion."
Emily: "How about a Hello Kitty t-shirt? Sorry, women aren't funny."
Aria: "This bitch was wearing diamonds and a Chanel suit on a Sunday morning."
Emily: "That is terrifying! You need to talk to Spencer."
Aria: "Right, duh. See, you're already helping."

Emily: "So what's this about him being rich as hell?"
Aria: "I dunno. Apparently he's rich as hell."
Emily: "Then why the money thing? Why the angst? Why the gallon-bag of hundies in his undies? Why all the drama?"
Aria: "I mean, have you met Ezra Fitz? This whole estranged trust fund kid is exactly how he would roll. It actually answers more questions than it asks."
Emily: "Good point. You guys make such a good couple."

Spencer: "So if this site is real, that's mysterious that Mona knows about it. And if it isn't, that is a real fucked up thing to do to Emily. Especially right now while she's losing her goddamn mind. I know that when we ask you to do stuff like this your family members tend to die, but..."
Caleb: "I don't even really like my new mom that much. And plus, I want to do whatever I can to stop Hanna from getting run over by cars all the time."

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