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Stolen Kisses

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Til The Riot's Gone

A Text: "Mona's almost gone -- and Hanna's next!"
Liars: "But what could that mean?"
Hanna: "Right. Uh, Dr. Wren told me that they're moving her to Saratoga, and that she's been smuggling her drugs out..."
Liars: "Like to Lucas? Your other best friend in the world who keeps trying to kill us?"
Hanna: "I don't know why you guys are so down on him. Just because he roofied our friends and stole all of Caleb's money and vanishes for weeks at a time..."
Liars: "I'm guessing this second part, though, is about how your blood is totally on that ankle bracelet, and Spencer's mom is going to fail bigtime."
Hanna: "Probably. The important thing is that Mona can't leave before we figure out about the Website Page."
Spencer: "On it. And you guys, please stop being mean about my mom! Just kidding."


Aria: "I can feel myself almost caring about this blood test situation."
Spencer: "Don't bother. Now, what clothes were you interested in wearing to the Osgood? Were you thinking 'dominatrix equestrienne,' or more of a 'futuristic flight attendant preschooler' look? I have both."
Aria: "I knew I could count on you."

Realizing her mom is off solving a Special Victim crime of some sort, Spencer ignores everything that's going on and immediately dives into her private stuff for Garrett's file.

Spencer: "Get your phone. We're taking pictures of all this shit."


Mad-eyed Emily chases Paige through the woods. Quite a reversal!

Emily: "Paige! I did not roofie you!"
Paige: "I figured that out. But just to confirm that I am a terrible human being, why don't you tell me exactly when the roofies first came into the picture."
Emily: "Remember that night I got kidnapped a million times and they dug up Ali's grave?"
Paige: "Aw, shit."

It's actually tremendous. A bigger part of the Paige excitement than I usually let on comes from what a great actress she is, and this scene is perfectly an illustration, because just from the set of her back you know what's coming, and then the whole time her face is so miserable and scared and ashamed and it's like, you can't believe they're actually going there, and hoping Paige will somehow not have done what she clearly did That Night, and Emily has no clue, and it's just... Sweet? It's really sweet, which is not what you would usually say about a -- spoiler! -- person fleeing around town so she doesn't have to admit that she is, additional to being a stalker and murderer and general crazy, also pretty much a date rapist.

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