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Stolen Kisses

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Til The Riot's Gone


Spencer: "Maya wasn't just strangled or smashed by a pipe or a metal bar or my lacrosse stick or a policeman's nightstick or anything else stick- or pipe-shaped. Lividity -- pro tip, that means the way blood settled in her corpse after her heart stopped pumping it -- indicates the victim was killed at the scene. It's saying Maya was killed right there in Emily's yard, between ten and two, the night they got Garrett at my house and Melissa freaked out. So he would have had time to kill her and then come to my house."

Aria: "She was just out rotting there in the backyard the whole time we were tracking down Mona? That is so gross and sad."
Spencer: "They didn't even find her purse, as illustrated in that one A-Tag. Oh, and look here. My mom's scary handwriting next to this one witness Bart Comstock. Break him and it falls apart."
Aria: "Meaning his testimony would have something directly to do with her client. Okay, I'm going to go over there now while you're here chilling with Caleb."
Spencer: "Are you sure you'll be okay?"
Aria: "Why, ever, would I not be? Nothing bad ever happens to me. Even in person, Mona barely acknowledges my existence."
Spencer: "Good point."


Paige: "I'd say it was about 11:00 That Night. You showed up on my porch and you were super drunk, and you tried to make out with me, and then I just kind of went with it."
Emily: "So you sorta date-raped me?"
Paige: "Yeah, but I just thought you were blind drunk! If I'd known you were on actual drugs I only woulda gone to second, probably. My bad."
Emily: "I have to go think about this for a second. I mean, at least you didn't try to drown me again, right? On the other hand, that's pretty fucking bad. I'll be at that boathouse where I've elected to be brutally murdered. I'll get back to you."
Paige: "I really hope you don't hold this one against me. Although, why would you?"
Emily: "We're treading on some Tosh territory right now, and I can't have that fight again."
Paige: "Wouldn't it be funny if like five lesbians date-raped you right now?"


Wren: "I was right. Only a bumbling teen can save Mona now."
Hanna: "I do hate public speaking, but okay."
Wren: "Can I do anything else for you? Besides the nothing I've already done?"

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