Pretty Little Liars
Stolen Kisses

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Til The Riot's Gone

Hanna: "Just sit there for a minute. Or read to me from this book while I drink hot chocolate."
Wren: "Fifty Shades Of... Good God. Hanna!"
Hanna: "Worth a shot."

Bart Comstock: "Yes, my address is this movie theatre. Let's talk about movies!"
Aria: "I am just that awful, yes. Wait, are you Bart Comstock?"
Bart: "The man, the legend, the thirty-year-old box office worker."


Spencer: "Thanks for helping me with being a hacker, since I'm not one."
Caleb: "You're dealing with a serious talent here. No such dumb passwords for this Website Page, no sir."

Caleb: "Passwords keep you from going in the front door..."
Spencer: "Do go on."
Caleb: "Me, I like to look for an open window, something that allows you to get into the system and unlock things from the other side."
Spencer: "Like a burglar!"
Caleb: "Yeah? Exactly like that. That was the metaphor, yes. Computers don't actually have doors or windows, so."

Spencer: "That's a real nice computer you've got there, Little Green."
Caleb: "My new mom thinks she can buy my love. And I let her, because what the fuck you gave me up for adoption and now you're a Real Housewife of Orange County."
Spencer: "Computer, car... You realize you're wearing a $400 sweater?"
Caleb: "Not too shabby for a former Werewolf Under The Stairs, huh?"
Spencer: "Things are getting real romantic, feels like. I should probably lecture you about the proper way to launder things now. Really turn up the heat."


Bart: "Yeah, I know who you're talking about. I remember those two girls, that's a couple you don't forget. Hot-cha-cha!"
Aria: "Yeah, my friend's pretty, um, devastated. But by all means."
Bart: "Well, adding them to my wank bank made it a lot easier to recognize Maya's dead corpse, so I called the cops."
Aria: "What exactly was your testimony in the death of this teenaged old?"
Bart: "It was late. I was up on the marquee changing the bill in my Phantom of the Opera domino mask when I saw her get in the cop car with Garrett Reynolds. Right up the block, there, the night he killed her. Probably thought she was safe, I mean, how could she know that cop was crazy? You just can't trust anybody!"

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Pretty Little Liars




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