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Better Than Ezria

Aria: "It's just so weird that Mike is still breaking and entering, when just last week he was snarling at me that he'd stop with the robbery as soon as he'd finally assembled his throne of human bones."
Jason: "Um, Aria, doesn't any of this shit concern you?"
Aria: "Now that you mention it, this probably is about me. It's because our parents love me more than him, probably."

Ezra: "Oh my God, Aria's talking to a guy that's just a little too much older than her. Son of a bitch! We're about to have a pedophile throwdown, Prettyboy."


Mikey: "Don't even try with me, Parent Robots! I am too far gone. Into a starless black whirl. What used to be my thoughts is now just a rancid whooshing sound."
Byron: "Boy, I will take this frightening issue with authority and bend it all the way around your head like a steel I-beam until you go on a violent killing spree! Don't push me!"
Ella: "Byron. Pull your shit together."
Byron: "I'm a white male Baby Boomer! I hate nothing more than young men who don't obey me!"

Ella: "Simmer down, bud. Ask yourself how we missed this one. Being such selfless, observant parents and all."
Byron, verbatim: "Well, he's not a criminal [?], so it's gotta be about something else."
Ella, verbatim: "What could he possibly be walking around with that he couldn't talk to us about?"
Grenades? Molotov cocktails? Dufflebags full of plastic explosives? You dumbasses.


Jason: "So, I see you're old and delicate of frame."
Ezra: "You look like a girl."
Jason: "Did you have Aria?"
Ezra: "WHAT?"
Jason: "In any of your classes, I mean."
Ezra: "All of them. Every classroom. Every desk of every classroom."

Aria: "I probably shouldn't have left my two boyfriends downstairs to drink and stare burns into each other's faces, but I just had this sudden need to go through my brother's weaponry items."

She finds the pottery thing that Jenna made the time that Aria learned it was possible to break a blind girl's heart more than once.

Aria: "Guys, you have to leave. This shit just got bigger than all of us. Mike's been stealing decorative housewares."
Jason & Ezra: "Hmm? Make sense."
Aria: "Uh, did you not hear me? Ceramic candleholder, made to revolve and represent the movement of light on water. Isn't that troubling? I found it under a ten-inch serrated blade crusted with dry brown blood, and a necklace of human ears that I'm probably going to wear to school Monday. Y'all gotta vamoose, so I can once again awkwardly and inappropriately attempt to parent my brother! Who is like, a year my junior!"

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