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Better Than Ezria


Aria: "You best not come to this party tonight."
Ezra: "Um, you keep dicking me around about meeting your parents. Also, this is about my career and has nothing to do with you."
Aria: "Well, you better not bring a date. Ha! Now it's about me."
Ezra: "I live in a fantasy land where your parents won't put me in jail for even looking at you. I can't wait to finally declare our love in public and not just abandoned parking lots."

Aria: "Speaking of lot lizards, I'm sort of into Jason DiLaurentis now."


Emily: "God, this poison that is slowly killing me makes it really hard to concentrate."
Hanna: "I just want you to know that you shouldn't even consider yourself a guest; you're more like family."
Caleb: "Ah, the old 'you're like family' speech. Just wait until she finds out you're spying on her for a blind girl and see how far that shit goes."
Hanna: "Speaking of your cybermagical powers, now that we're dating you need to stop hacking people's phones."
Caleb: "Your paternalism irks me even more than before, because I am officially homeless. I can take care of myself! Almost."

Mysterious Person Who Drives KITT Apparently: Stakes out the school's front elevation creepily.


In an awesome touch, Mikey's home computer, as mentioned in the recaplet, has a rearview mirror from like a Saturn attached to it, through which this conversation takes place. It has been altered to say PARENTS In The Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear.

Byron: "Mike, you have to come to this total drag of a party, okay?"
Mike: "I'm going to be stealing mortar shells and napalm from area survivalists for when I blow up the school, but thanks for the invite."
Byron, getting weirdly intense: "Mike, I'm serious. Come to this party or I will devastate your already weak grasp on reality."
Mike, ditto: "Sometimes our family dog tells me to cut off your face and wear it over my face and step through a door of flesh into a new world of complete order and blessed silence."
Byron: "This party is very goddamned important to your mother, Michael."

Theories on Mirror Thing: Maybe it's heartwarming, and Byron loves Mike more than it seems like right now. Maybe it's foreshadowing how Ella and Ashley are getting closer to intuiting the existence of A, and thus in terrible danger just like Therapy Anne and her brown Tory Burches. Maybe it symbolizes that Mike is going to kill everybody in Rosewood and then drive away from their smoking corpses while blaring the Cardigans' "The Boys Are Back In Town." Maybe just like everybody else on this show, Mike is about to get molested by somebody's father.

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