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Better Than Ezria


Spencer: (Jumps out of the woods and into Toby's pants, startling him.)
Toby: "Can I just have a grilled-cheese sandwich instead? Being an emancipated minor who's afraid to go home can be kind of exhausting."
Spencer: "What about this Units dress from 1982 is not turning you on? Look, it turns into overalls with one simple gesture."
Peter: "Oh, I'll give you a grilled-cheese sandwich. Of Menace!"
Spencer: "Now it's culottes! And a matching pink-and-black headband!"
Peter: "Can I see your architectural drawings of how you will landscape our home?"
Spencer: "Now it's a sports bra with matching midi-skirt!"
Peter: "Toby, these landscaper drawings are absurdly complex. I'm impressed enough to overlook the fact that you are a high school dropout and choose to believe that you have an advanced degree in landscaping design. Thanks!"
Spencer, tangled all up in her shit: "Somebody help me out of my predicament!"


Aria: "Jason, why are you having a meeting with my mother in my English class? And why are you trying to stare a hole in my face?"
Jason: "I was here offering to help the school guidance counselor talk to kids about the dangers of drugs. I don't know if I've mentioned this ever on this show, but I used to smoke marijuana. If I can keep even one kid from murdering his sister and then getting amnesia, it will be worth it."
Ella: "Hey Jason, Mr. Montgomery and I are having an ill-advised party and apparently we're inviting whoever the fuck appears in front of our faces. Interested?"

Aria: "Why on Earth..."
Ella: "I'm the only person on this show that ever makes sense, don't question me. Jason's been through some tough times, and I know you wrote a pretentious apology note to his mother about the Satanic ritual you accidentally threw for her daughter last week. I thought, why not continue the trend by inviting him to this party full of college professors that will be sure to make his aimless junkie-ass feel great about himself."
Aria: "If this was all about me, I would feel really awkward right about now..."
Ella: "Oh, and your dad says you have to start calling Ezra by his first name."
Aria: "...There it is."


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