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Happy Jennaversary!

Spence: "Oh, what's wrong?"
Toby: "This is just my face, my face is just like this. But also, the whole point of getting that sad efficiency above the 'Brew' was to get away from my family, and..."

Ah. Got it. There really was more to it. Also, the Brew. So we're going with that. Cool.

Spencer: "Wait until she leaves Rosewood forever, and we'll throw a rad party. But uh, I can't really make out or ask about your hair, because I have to learn French."
Toby: "Okay, cool."
Spencer: "Why do you think that nobody else wondered about Jenna's blindness?"
Toby: "She's been building this narrative since she got home about how she was slowly regaining her sight, and that she was keeping it a secret so people wouldn't feel bad for her if it went away."
Spencer: "That is such a lie! She is such a fucking liar! I feel so bad for you, being her brother and everything."
Toby: "You know what turns me on? Talking about how my sister rapes me."
Spencer: "Right, sorry. My bad. Now, let's learn some French. If you know what I mean."


Paige: "All this alcohol at this party full of underage kids is making me act weird and crazy!"

Ezra: "Thanks for ditching me with Jenna back there. Anyway, let's go to dinner."
Aria: "Okay, I just have to ditch you some more first."

Jenna: "Hang on, that roofied lesbian is dicking around with my cupcakes."

Paige is acting full-on insane and sticking her fingers in Jenna's cupcakes and then she yells at Jenna and then she tries to dance with Emily and then she just keels the fuck into a giant party decoration and it is amazing. It is one single Robert Altman unending spiral into a hot mess abyss of the trainwreck and the spectacular.

Paige McCullers, you do not disappoint.


I can't believe at the beginning of this episode I was like, "I miss the good old days when Paige would show up and act a mess." I actually thought that to myself, "I miss when you could count on Paige to do the craziest thing possible in any circumstance." Showed me, show. You showed me good.

Hanna: "Where's Paige?"
Emily: "Getting stitches, just like every time she's on this show."
Nate: "I may or may not be Maya's cousin."
Hanna: "Cool, I'm wearing clothes today. So wait, we're here and Spencer isn't?"

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