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Happy Jennaversary!

Emily: "She got spooked by Officer Josh. Hey, why do you have my jacket from That Night? Didn't Spencer burn it in a cleansing fire, like always?"
Hanna: "No. Even though this makes no sense, now suddenly we're saying that you lost it between getting roofied at Spencer's house and waking up at that grave. So probably you left it in Jenna's car or something."
Emily, for real: "I think the other Liars are right. This A has an agenda."

Wh-- What? You think maybe A has an agenda of some kind? Your jacket turned up at a rummage sale so now you think there's an agenda? Pray elaborate on this theory.

Hanna: "If it was Jenna's car, though, she would have given it back to you. We're friends with her now, kind of."
Emily: "Yeah, or else I lost it during those literal hours between my short ride with Jenna and when you guys woke up?"
Hanna: "Well, whatever. Back to the rummage sale for me."

Nate comes back, right on time, with coffee; Emily spots Wilden and then either sends or receives a text about him being there? I guess? I was too distracted by her giant purse. You know my feelings about that.


Ezra sits at a complicated tea party table -- this shit has everything! -- and watches Aria zooming around doing more and more complex shifty behaviors. This baby squirrel ain't having it. Back in the back, Hot Hipster Kevin informs Aria that Emily is fired and goes off to do her job for her, because of how her ex-girlfriend just transformed into a whirlwind of crazy and needed immediate stitches.

Ezra: "Aria, I have had enough! Enough tea, enough tiny cakes! What is this party even about?"
Aria: "Just go sit quietly for ten more minutes while I rush around not really doing anything."
Ezra: "You are doing this to stall! Because you don't want to eat this meal!"
Aria: "Well, no, but since you mention it, you don't really have to prove anything. Especially now that I know how pathetic the whole camera thing was..."
Aria: "Oh, I'm so happy for you!"
Ezra: "Don't you patronize me."

They work it out. And then finally Aria can stop farting around, because Laurel finally notices that her memory cards have party punch poured all over them.

Aria: "Give me your keys to your studio! I'm your apprentice now!"

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