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Happy Jennaversary!

Laurel: "That checks out, sure."
Ezra: "The more annoyed I get, the cuter I become. What an uncomfortable thing to realize about oneself."
Aria: "No, just wait for one second. I just have to do one spy thing."


Aria's so busy confirming that Lucas was the fired guy, and stealing his negatives, that she doesn't notice a shadow or an A running around all over the place. When she comes out, Lucas totally menaces her and tries to get her to let him into the thing. Right before Aria is forced to beat his ass, Ezra drives up and Lucas runs away. It's awesome.


Nate: "So is Paige... Did you date her? Before or after Maya?"
Emily: "Kind of both? In the middle? I don't know, she just kinda turns up from time to time."

Spencer: "Emily, forget Nate and Paige. We gotta see what Garrett wrote on that card in his mom's bouquet."
Nate: "And I, meanwhile -- and presently -- will be fucking Garrett up."

He shoves past like three cops and tries to beat up Garrett. It's kind of embarrassing. But while that's going on, awesomely, Spencer grabs her moment, jumps on the elevator, and skates by everybody. That was tight, Spence! Well done.

Paige: "Hi Emily. Sorry about acting insane like always. Good news is, you roofied me."
Emily: "What?"
Paige: "Yeah, he was like, 'Did you leave your drink unattended, or...'"
Emily: "Oh my God, flashback."
Paige: "Yeah, so here's your flask with roofies in it. I gotta go. My hot dad is going to love this one."


Spencer: "Hey, Coma Lady. We all got problems. Now, about this bouquet..."
Card: Mom. You never gave up on me; I won't give up on you. Love, Garrett.
Spencer: "Either I'm an asshole, or this is still code. I'm going with B, as is my God-given right as a lunatic."

...Not so fast! Hidden underneath Mrs. Reynolds's hospital bracelet is a second note, also in Garrett's handwriting, which reads "April Rose has the proof." So she was kind of right, but kind of wrong, but in the end she was right. Shocker there.


Aria: "Ezra's in the shower, and bitchy as hell, so I'm looking at the negatives before he comes out here to be annoying some more."
Emily: "Cool. While you're doing that, I'm looking up those roofies I gave Paige. It says on the Internet that my memory loss was due to them, duh, and that they are used on aggressive inmates as well as mental patients that live in an adrenalized hyperreality."

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