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Happy Jennaversary!

Aria: "In related news, I just found some of those same pills... In Lucas's film canister!"

So I guess he got them from Mona at Radley, and then dosed Emily That Night? Maybe. It would definitely explain why he was so hot to get back in the studio, besides whatever crazy Spencer theory about the shovel pictures. It's just, I keep thinking the A-Team is going to be more people than Mona and Lucas. Due mostly to the fact that Mona and Lucas only ever talk about the A-Team at all times, and nobody else ever does. You know what I mean?

Mona: "So anyway, there are a bunch of us acting on orders from the Red Queen, which is the code name for Alison's..."
Person: "-- I'm just way more interested in talking about my love life right now."

Lucas: "Yeah, we're all being blackmailed and controlled by a central authority with ties to the DiLau..."
Person: "-- Whatever, just tell me why you're being so grumpy lately!"

Mostly, for an episode that seemed like it was going to be all about Jenna, this episode was not very much about Jenna. But that's cool.


A goes through a giant Santa Fe-looking purse in a very manic way. Its contents: A bus ticket, a pushpin or something... An Altoids case with the front scratched off, like for pot... An old-lady billfold, containing that one picture of Emily...

Oh, ha! I wasn't even making Maya jokes! That's amazing. Even when you don't know it's Maya, it's Maya. Anyway, A has Maya's giant crazy-person purse, including some prescription or another of a different medication than the one we were just talking about.


The Liars set a trap for A! And surprise, it goes differently from how they think it will!

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